Lady Varya Tiller informs the Chieftain of kidnappings

  • Peltarch Employee

    She would arrive to City Hall with the four children, and let her know that four children and their families; citizens of norwick were kidnapped to be sold off, and that the parents of the children were already sold in Oscura. "While this may not be my town, I care about the people here greatly as I do the shrine to the Grain Goddess. Can we help these kids get their parents back?"

    She'd let the children individually speak their piece to describe what happened to him.

    "The man who committed it is right now under lock and key in Peltarch, they're trying to resolve how he should meet justice up there as 3 children of Peltarch were kidnapped too, though the three of them were all orphans and had no parents to sell. Some of these children do."