Build 906

  • (Dorakhan)

    • Moved examine features to the actual examine window.
    • Party members examining stealthed creatures (PCs included) will reveal them (heard) to the rest of the party (and notify you via message). This only applies to HOSTILE targets.
    • Hunting System is in. See the new "Hunting Log" item in your inventory (created after any spawn kill). This will fundamentally change the way the examine system works and how threats are assessed. However, note that the information provided after tier 1, etc. only applies to spawns that are not set up as "bosses." Any spawn flagged as a boss/leader (think Grishnak Elfslayer) that is capable of calling allies WILL count toward hunt XP, but will not have their stats visible via the tier system like other spawns. A much, much more detailed post will be created detailing this system.
    • Persistent map pins. See the new "Map of Narfell" item. For now, this only reviews your full list of persistent map pins.
    • Added 2-way PS for 3 areas.
    • Saw speed indicator added at "Peltarch - The Edge", "Norwick -Interiors" (Warrior's Soul)


    • Spawn scripts updated to remove "true seeing" vanilla ability from spawns that have the item on their skin and give them the new spell effects. Note that this DOES NOT apply to the blindsight feat. ALSO note that this does NOT change the effect of the DM true seeing token.
    • Commoner class unlocked. Enjoy your daily farming, you peasant. (We're completely serious.)

  • Hunting Log
    Map of Narfell