The War of Purification

  • Narfell DM

    It was a sudden, brutal attack. An army of Kossuthians, of giants both fire and not, of elementals and of madmen swarmed from trees and mountains, from across the scar and from hidden abodes. They swarmed the Nars, attempting to torch everything they could, and though many were slain, many more managed to escape after torching to their hearts content. From the Legion to Norwick, the battlements were shaken by these furious heretics of the so called "Purifiers" the shortened name given to the Black General's heretical, dedicated and absolutely maddened Kossuthian worshippers.

    To make matters worse, in this dire time of instability and paranoia, it seems that a great many who worship Kossuth have fallen in with the Purifiers, believing that true salvation lay within their ranks. With the possibility of another attack at any place, at any time, or even deception from within, the Purifiers have made their message clear: We are here, and you will face the flames.

    (OOC notes; Mechanically, Purifiers have been spawned in many random maps, and will be cycled through every so often. These vary in size and strength, from mysterious infiltrators within bastions of civilization to the much larger and more dangerous raider squads. Some of these men also protect valuable caches of supplies, if you can annihilate their forces. But be warned, for a sudden Purifier Assault could occur at any moment, targeting a location with the might of Kossuth)

  • Narfell DM

    For reasons yet unknown it appears that a group of Banites have joined forces with the Purifiers, who have ramped up their attacks in recent times, becoming bolder and more aggressive. These men appear to be allies rather than directly under the Black General, and seem more like foreign mercenaries. Still that sure is... not great.