The War of Purification

  • It was a sudden, brutal attack. An army of Kossuthians, of giants both fire and not, of elementals and of madmen swarmed from trees and mountains, from across the scar and from hidden abodes. They swarmed the Nars, attempting to torch everything they could, and though many were slain, many more managed to escape after torching to their hearts content. From the Legion to Norwick, the battlements were shaken by these furious heretics of the so called "Purifiers" the shortened name given to the Black General's heretical, dedicated and absolutely maddened Kossuthian worshippers.

    To make matters worse, in this dire time of instability and paranoia, it seems that a great many who worship Kossuth have fallen in with the Purifiers, believing that true salvation lay within their ranks. With the possibility of another attack at any place, at any time, or even deception from within, the Purifiers have made their message clear: We are here, and you will face the flames.

    (OOC notes; Mechanically, Purifiers have been spawned in many random maps, and will be cycled through every so often. These vary in size and strength, from mysterious infiltrators within bastions of civilization to the much larger and more dangerous raider squads. Some of these men also protect valuable caches of supplies, if you can annihilate their forces. But be warned, for a sudden Purifier Assault could occur at any moment, targeting a location with the might of Kossuth)

  • And so ends the War of the Purifiers

    The people of the Nars rejoice with news that the Black General lay defeated, and his fortress lay in ruin. Led by a unlikely source, a turncoat Purifier Banite, a crack team of heroic adventurers assaulted the fortress head on. With his most fanatical remnants remaining to protect him, the adventurers fought through blood sweat and tears to reach his inner sanctum, face to face with the mad Black General.

    Somehow or another the fight managed to end up back in Peltarch, crashing through the roof of the theater, and finally ending with the Black General's defeat on stage... poetic some would say. Peltarch declared the threat of the Purifiers over, and though there is linger fear that his twisted rhetoric may once again be seen in Narfell, if not under Kossuth, then under some other banner, it is overwhelmed by the sense of relief within the community.

    To those in the south, in the farming community of Norwick, more relief came in the form of Banites (no really, let me finish) approaching the wall and handing over their Banite gear. With Salin's words, several individuals under the Purifier turncoats command have come to live a comfortable life in Norwick's community. Though there is a small sense of unease around them, the community has been quick to accept them.

    But was it really Kossuth empowering the Black General? Historians may argue, as many in the taverns now do, but the Black General's secrets now lay with him and there may never be true closure. The same goes for the mysterious masked mans identity. Is he the real Black General of legend? Or is he a mere copycat... the world will never truly know.

    Now is a time for healing. The war is over... and there surely can't be another on the horizon.

    .... Right?

  • The Siege of Peltarch has broken, and though the damage was not minimal the Purifiers mighty army has been left scattered into the wind, while the fallen turned to ash on the battlefield. The Black General was too cowardly to show his face, or so they say, and he and his Majordomo Hakuro continue to elude the adventurers... but he has no army, surely not, and is a threat no more. The townships of Narfell rejoice that the Purifiers Crusade has been put to an end.

    But the Black General must die... or else it'll never truly end.

  • Called by druids of Narfell, the Church of Auril has sent several individuals to try a few new angles at containing the strange corruption of the obelisks. Thus far they've managed to contain them, but not remove the obelisks themselves, which remain unnaturally sturdy. As more obelisks pop up wherever the Black General goes, it almost feels like a dire situation, and rumor has it that he is finally preparing to march the brunt of his army and wash over Peltarch's surrounding lands

    But not all news is grim and dire, for the Sword of the Black General has fallen. His right hand and enforcer, the powerful creature met its end when the High Priestess of Auril, Sarina, (and some assists from her draconic ally) empowered adventurers with incredible blessings to stand against the Sword of the Black General. The battle was long and hard, but eventually the Sword fell... and with his death, and the death of his vampiric lieutenant, the Black General stands only with his Majordomo to call a Commander..

    No doubt he craves retaliation. No doubt he craves the utter purification of his enemies.

  • A great maelstrom of flame stretched up to the sky from the Crossroads, ash fell from the sky, reaching as far as Norwick, and once the flames ceased in their place remained a great obelisk. And around this obelisk, the plants took on a sinister orange tint, being changed by whatever fell magic emanated from the structure.

    Soon after, a certain one armed elven witch galloped up and down the Nars Pass, giving dire warning to Norwick, Peltarch, Oscura and the Druid Circle.

  • With the burning of a distant village as the signal, the Purifiers have begun to march from their fortifications to renew their assault on Narfell. Their agents have begun popping up again, as their leadership makes it clear that the peaceful times are over. The war has started anew, and this time the only way to stop it will be to either destroy the Purifiers nefarious leaders, or fall victim to their purifying flames.

    (I'll be aiming to finish this up after Christmas with a couple of events, as well as the usual Purifier random spawns)

  • For reasons yet unknown it appears that a group of Banites have joined forces with the Purifiers, who have ramped up their attacks in recent times, becoming bolder and more aggressive. These men appear to be allies rather than directly under the Black General, and seem more like foreign mercenaries. Still that sure is... not great.