A Quick (But Important) Note

    • DMs host server-wide events on a weekly basis.

    • These server-wide events are accessible to everyone, as indicated by the invitation to everyone who wants to participate. That includes recent expansions such as new map explorations and power-politics and intrigue, to which everyone is invited. DMs literally shout in-game on the server and to Discord (#event).

    • High level loot is distributed as a result of plot-lines that follow these server-wide events. If you want a shot at high level loot, be ready to partake in a plot (remember: server-wide plots are announced ahead of time). It is not just "handed out" for no reason and DMs do so following a set of guidelines. ("High level loot" is defined as items in excess of the enchanting cap. DM guidelines suggest point scales for plot time and risk/difficulty.)

    • The server will not tolerate baseless allegations without context. Allegations must be based on the truth, ascertained by facts. Not mere theory pasted in public accusations, containing falsehoods that can harm reputations. Any disagreements, concerns, or complaints should be directed to a player guide (or myself, if you feel comfortable in doing so) rather than posted publicly in this way. Logs and screenshots are significantly less biased than people.

    Narfell welcomes everyone who wants to be part of the community. Everyone is welcome, so long as they can get along with others. To suggest otherwise is simply false. Disagreements with general policy decisions or current, longstanding rules are not a form of discrimination, favoritism , or any other kind of bias. The rules apply equally to everyone here.

    To suggest otherwise is clearly unfair to the record. Look at the announcements/events -- evidence of inclusion is ready and waiting for review on discord.