Build 905T

  • DM


    • True seeing has been changed (please update the wiki to match): it no longer requires a component; duration is 2 turns per level; it grants see invisibility and ultravision (but does NOT spot stealth characters); it grants immunity to phantasmal killer and weird (as those affected spot the illusions automatically).
    • Clairvoyance/clairaudience is now turn/level (please update the wiki to match).
    • "Underground - Rural Tunnels"/"Nars Pass - Dwarven Hold" and "Peltarch - Residential District"/"Peltarch - Ancient Barrows" doors have been unlocked.
    • Ultravision, see invisibility, clairvoyance/clairaudience, amplify, and true seeing have now been combined into a single script.
    • Updated docker image to build 8193.16
    • Updated NWNX scripts for build 8193.16 compatability
    • AI tweaks
    • Fixed non-standard summons (AI now works as intended if DMs provide a token for creature not set up as a summon in the module)
    • DM possessed NPCs should now auto-succeed on whisper hearing checks, though it will tell them if they failed the skill check DC. This is still pending for DM avatars as the chat system is... odd.
    • DM announcements to the discord bot should now include the name of the shouter
    • TR announcement to DM channel now correctly notes TR instead of standard raise.
    • Map updates to "Peltarch - Commerce District" and "Peltarch - Amethyst Festhall"
    • Order of the Endless map now has area scripts (this means discovery XP is available).
    • Updated travel area map DB to reflect Rust changes.


    • Lots of new critters
    • Over 40+ new areas added
    • New custom ai; other ai fixes
    • feat.2da updated (relevant for future critter tweaks)
    • Discovery XP updates for new areas
    • Blackbridge Caravans now offer a discount to BB Citizens