Field Guardian Varya's Journal

  • A humble journal bound in simple leather, sheets of parchment inside brand new and fresh fill it, unmolested thus far by ink. Having recently picked it up not too long ago, seeming very pensive she begins to write upon it, with quill and and ink on a candle lit desk.

    "I need to really start writing these things down" She would mutter to herself, doing her best to embed what had transpired from memory into the journal. She'd write some chicken scratch on the first page, getting used to using the new quill and ink she purchased before beginning to inscribe what transpired.

    *It all started when I first made my way to the beholder cave. I figured the usual test of might, defeating evils and whatnot. With Chauntea's hand on my back, there were of not much risk! One multi-eyed monstrosity fell after another until only I was left deep within the den of evils. Found a few treasures in the meantime, as well as some unhallowed items I refused to touch, leaving them there before making my way back outside.

    Hobgoblins waited to ambush me there. Invoking Chauntea's grace there were of little trouble... the real trouble was what was to come after. Surrounding me, there was darkness, and soon rot. Wherever I travelled grass seemed to die. Wandering in this forest I began hearing an ominous, frightening voice. It began to taunt me....

    "Once there was a girl who dwelt in a forest."
    "Who saw a red rose in the middle of the trees."
    "Her Grandmother warned her not to touch the red rose, for nothing good comes of it."
    "But in her dreams, she coveted that flower, and each day woudl get closer and closer to see more of its splendor."
    "She moved - Closer and closer."
    "Until the day she was close enough to touch it."
    "And then she did, and only the rose remained."

    This was playing in my head over and over light some nightmarish poem warning me of something, only to find myself being chased by some large, unfathomable horror. I ran back to the beholder cave only to find myself waiting there for awhile. This thing had the monstrous presence that sent chilled up my spine and I knew I could do nothing.

    After some time of waiting, I decided to try and make a sprint back to Norwick. At first it seemed fine, but the loser I got.... itch... dry skin.... the grass around me started to die. I started to feel true terror. The thing that I feared most of all... I didn't sense the presence of the Grain Goddess.

    I got closer and closer to Norwick, having just passed its ruins until I began to vomit... grass nature itself dying around me, as I was throwing up, there was blood and worms.... I was so fearful but I couldn't stop thinking of going back to Norwick and getting help.

    It was then and there when I arrived just outside the gates, ready to collapse from death at any moment, that I saw my body already laying there, looking down to it wondering how things got this way.

    I regained consciousness.

    I was told they found me unconcious outside the gate . Lying on the ground. Just as I saw in what felt like an all too real vision. Yllalynn watched over me with concern, the both of them wondering what happened.

    I was safe... yet... I could still taste the blood and worms in my throat. Yllalynn had suggested perhaps I take a break from going out and about.

    I think I'm going to do that.

    I returned home only to find out Nathelin had his own horrific vision, where he had turned undead and felt compelled to eat people and had, though thankfully it wasn't true.

    Whatever created these visions, I need to find out what caused them. Related or unrelated, they were all too real and absolutely awful in scope. For me to become a blighter, for Nathelin to become undead in his, its something that I need to get to the bottom of after taking some time to recover.