Item Creation Contest

  • Hey folks! We're aware there are specific creatures in game at the moment that need better loot put on them. I'd like to announce a contest, where the players are asked to make items based on three predetermined races. These items should be such, that they do not use any extra haks, and that you could viably see them drop from the spawns in question. We reserve the right to alter the items for balance reasons.

    The races we're concentrating on this month are:




    The preference in this contest is flavor first and foremost. Each entry will be rewarded with 250xp token. Entries can be sent to me preferably through Discord. For those not using it, PM me on the forums for my email address 🙂 The contest will run for the month of September - if there's enough interest in it, there might be a new one with different creatures next month.

  • Reminder, today is the last day of the month. Please send your entries today. I'll look them over during weekend and award prizes next week.