A call to for Shepherds far and wide (Message from the Chauntean Church)

  • To those Chaunteans who work hard daily, working hard to care for the land and each other, who give of themselves daily to see quotas are met, the Chauntean church officially offers people a chance at growth and opportunity should you desire it.

    The Chauntean church is currently seeking shepherds and field guardians; clerics and paladins who are looking to step up and be educated in the ways of the Grain Goddess to look over the fields and its people, to learn more of Her ways and use them to help the local communities. You will be trained by myself; Anna Tiller and by my daughter, Varya and be provided with supplies and amenities to help your growth.

    The path will not be an easy one, you will be taught not only matters of faith and basic combat (advanced should your heart be set on becoming a Field Guardian), you will also eat, sleep, and breathe your new lifestyle, becoming one with it and the Grain Goddess should you seek the divine path.

    To those Chaunteans who wish not to be clergy or Field Guardians, we will extend our offer to you as well, granting education and supplies if you need it. We have wonderful people like Fodel and my husband, the Baron Thom Tiller who follow such paths, acting not only as field workers, but protectors of all we cherish.

    This comes at great risk to your lives and well being, but you will not be alone. We will be here for you to help you along the way. Those who put the time and effort in who prove themselves worthy will be granted something very special from the Chauntean church as a gift for your commitment to furthering the faith and protecting our people.

    This offer is extended to ALL Chaunteans, not just those of Peltarch. Together we will help all of Narfell's faithful of the Grain Goddess and those who rely on her gifts thrive well!

    (OOC: Anyone who'd be interested in making a Chauntean character, no matter what it is, will be provided amenities by my two Chauntean characters. If you play your character and find you enjoy them and use them on at least a semi-regular basis, Anna may be inclined to enchant something for you as well.)