Build 905S6

  • Hi again Narfers! We've got some exciting updates for you all now available in game. From all of us on staff, we hope you will enjoy them!

    More Highhold and Giantspire Mountains

    With so much community support on the The Giantspires. Things to tweak. thread, we've been bug hunting and updating. Be prepared to start seeing more wildlife and fixes courtesy of @DrDreadLock.

    Lore Translation Fix

    Thanks to @Dorakhan we've fixed some cases in which lore checks were incorrectly translating languages. The system is now working as intended.

    Peltarch Residential Sewers Re-Opened

    @Tpickles (that's me!) has reopened the new residential sewers as part of the sewer redesign. Be prepared for some new uglies spilling out from the ancient crypts below! (Recommended for groups 7-9).