Meditations of Ormsyn Ryggraden - Cavern Druid of The Great Worm of Uthgar

  • 1 - Ancestral activations and a meditation on form and formlessness.

    Ormsyn they called him from his naming day in the cavern, under the Spine of the World mountains....

    He sat now, in another cave, in another place and his conscousness dissolved within his perception a single candle behind him and a deep pool of cavewater in front of him. The Dreamsight Cavern Druid of The Great Worm totem of Uthgar had given him his name that day a mere boy reaching an age of his right of passage. He pulled the name from the water that day as their forms slowly faded into invisibility, before emerging again. The Dreamsight Cavern Druid pulled it from the pool that day.
    Under the earth, via the medium of fire and dissolved in the water a name it was said that would at the right time ignite the ancestral shaman codes of his ancestors the codes of the worm, the great worm, some say the white dragon of the north, the will-force and determination to survive and see any endeavor through. The coils and spiralled forms of expansion and contraction, the sympathetic underpinning of form and formlessness.

    Clearing the concerns of safety, his own distant thoughts and the sounds and murmers of the many languages of stone, fire and water as well as the shrill but quiet cries of the insects, moulds and animals in the pool - he brought forth the sigular thought of form and formlessness once more.
    He pushes the thoughts of the serious effects upon his health the constant long preiods of meditation in spore and mould filled caves has had upon his health. He goes within, seeking the structure beneath form, the building blocks and instructions in which formlessness becomes form and slowly the structures show themselves to him fading in and out, tree-like and spiralling through and around his perception, before all too soon his formlessness and invisibility fades and the shadowy dim form of his body appears again to his eyes; ever open never closed, a lidless ritual to the great worm, the dreamsight of the worm.

  • 2 - The search. As within, as without, for the circle, the grove.

    Ormsysn sits again, contemplating the direction to something of interest.... But not this time to a natural resource as he often does to the nearest body of clean water or fixing his mind upon a stone such as Jaspar which could be broken down a fracture line to form a cutting tool. This time Ormsyn is seeking more than just a place or resources to survive, but a place to thrive. Calling to mind the image of the fungi that grow underground, placing many different types around him of the more unremarkable type. But he does not seek the great forests and caves of mushrooms that grow underground, but in correspondence he ooks within them to look for the nature of how they grow with the tiny creatures aiding their growth, and how the nutrients from the ground are used by the myriad of tiny plant spirits and invisible creatures contributing to the mushroom's health.

    Delving deep into the innards of the mushrooms structure in his minds eye, his focus goes to the sheltering caps, the explosive spore emissions of other types and the glowing aura of others. Asking important questions to bring forth back to conscious knowledge. Seeking out the underlying structures of the fungi, a formlessness, a commonality that marks them out as different from the plants that crave the sunlight, and yet makes all the fungi so different. Which dwell beside one another? Which are the curatives for the poisons of others? Can they be consumed to resist the poisons of other fungi? and Where to spirits of the plants grow so powerful as to communicate in more than just the language of feeding and surviving. Not consuming the mushrooms which can elicit rage or a trance upon many young practitioners of the path but again from within he is drawn down a path of activation despite his practical intentions as he feels himself merge with the formlessness of the thought, the thought behind the form.

    And upon this thought his mind is drawn again to greater knowledge, now seeking to where large concentrations could be found, be they places of light within the deep darkness or the forests of almost unimaginable size. He then looks for the trail, the thread all the way back to where he is, what animals have traversed close to these places, which live and hide among them and which even use them for sustenance or other craft. Then reeling that thread in, he winds it back to his physicality in conscious thought and brings back with that thought the insight of stillness, to act as if fully possesed by vision in the darkest places or even blind as well as what he may be able to follow to lead him to yet another place of meditation.