• M--

    Embroidered, jewel-toned flowers flutter in circles around woven vines. From gold-spun epaulets, a coat of lace drapes over a silk dress. Her jewelry would demand attention in a pirate’s bounty. Here is a woman who values appearances.

    Her head sits high upon a straight neck. Her hair, curly and raven, is pulled back from her gold toned brow by a scarf or a wide, ornate band. Her eyes are large, dark, and inquisitive. She is cheerful by nature, but prim in manners. Yet she is always sensitive to the mood of her company. Here is a woman who has dined with nobles.

    Her voice carries an accent that is cosmopolitan and sea-traveled, but of no single nation. She appears Mulan, but speaks with erudite precision in many languages. When the moment inspires, she weaves words with as much ornament as her wardrobe. Here is a woman with a mind at work.


    The most conspicuous fact about the woman is that she changes names daily. Always feminine. Always beginning with “M.”

    Though she associates with adventurers, she does not appear equipped for their exploits. She carries only a simple quarterstaff.

    Under the initial “M” she was named advisor to Peltarch’s Councillor Aelthasson, an act which continues to breed controversy within the Residential district. Rumors around the district weightily imply that she's a foreign agent wheedling on behalf of the Bank of Peltarch.


    Stressed, Angered
    Hard at Work