Dorakhan's NPCs

  • Yoxi Tyne



    Physical Description: A short (rock) gnomish girl in her early 30s with strawberry blond hair and bright blue eyes - and Peltarch resident. Her overall appearance usually fluctuates between business (dresses and clean-cut look) and workshop (overalls and covered in soot, oil, or whatever else she was working with at the time) and is very conscious about how she presents herself. Her hairstyles change from appearance to appearance but whatever the look, it's always out of her eyes. She has a penchant for wearing a a variety of jewelry, not all of which match her otherwise well-curated aesthetic.

    Public Knowledge: Yoxi is an artificer frequently employed by both Enenan Snydders and the Knights of the Cerulean Star in freelance work. She knows enough about magic and magical devices to get herself in - and out of - trouble. Her current aspiration is to build a variety of devices to bring magic to the masses, but the most talked-about piece in the works seems to be her 'magic cannon.' Peltarch's military is very interested in her designs.

  • Believer

    Portrait: Pending

    Physical Description: Pending

    Public Knowledge: Pending

  • Enenan Snydders



    Physical Description: A somewhat tall and trim man who, to all appearances, is in his mid-fifties. Graying raven hair is drawn back in a pony tail over shaved sides. His eyes are icy blue and often caught lost in thought - when he isn't aware he's being watched. . His goatee is well-trimmed and mustache waxed, somewhat obscuring his oft-warm smile - or smirk. He often wears fine tailored clothing on the cutting edge of Peltarch's style scene - if it indeed has one.

    Public Knowledge: Investor. Wizard. Senator. Master of Coin. Opportunist. Con-man. Enenan Snydders has many names and many descriptors but how many of them are true?