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    General Description

    Little is known of Meadow. She arrived a few months ago on a caravan from parts south, and has mostly kept to herself. She’s short and slight, and speaks quietly with a foreign accent that sounds a bit like Mulhorandi, but isn’t. She’s pretty, but forgettably so. She’s the kind of person that is often overlooked in a crowd. She’s fair complexioned with dark brown hair, much like thousands of other people in the area.
    She’s been seen in the company of a group of people in High Hold, and frequently takes the caravan to and from. She’s also been seen frequently in the bathhouse, where patrons speak of “the woman with tatoos who minds her own business”.

    Clothing and equipment

    Meadow carries no visible weapons other than a knife, which is used frequently for cutting food. She wears several small layered cloaks that conceal her silhouette. They are mostly black, grays, and red. She’s often hooded, though that might not be surprising given Peltarch’s weather.


    Those of her that have seen her fight note the flash of concealed short knife sized blades, and a hoop of wire with leather cords on either side. Her small size and agility make her markedly elusive, and it’s said that her opponents fall with leverage, a wire binding, and well placed small cuts. Some that have seen her fight say that sometimes, opponents fall limp following a series of odd, well placed strikes.


    Some say they saw her selling oddities in a cart in the residential district. Others say that she's a clerk in the Peltarch City Hall. Certainly, she's been seen in the company of various council members. Perhaps it's all rumor. Few seem to notice her anyway.

  • Updated

  • One thing I wish to explain. Meadow is a bit of a departure from characters that I normally play. There will be no journal, nor entries containing letters, thoughts or experiences. I will not divulge her build, stats or level. I will endeavor to make her RP reflect who she is, what she represents along with her skill set. If you want to know, ask questions on what you see and I will do my best to provide a description.