The Intrigue of Peltarch

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    The King is Dead. New Councillors are elected. City and military officials retired or deceased from war. A magistrate seat, council advisors, clerks to Crown appointees, and others. Each an avenue into City Hall.

    Disorder. Conflict. Grudges. They are the stuff of quiet conversations, and of long-term calculations. They are not the grand violence of war and invasion, but rather the slow-burning simmer of power and collusion. To the cold-hearted, they are all synonyms for opportunity to be seized. To the stoic and kind, they are warning signs to be heeded.

    Schemers and whisperers gather in secret plots and maneuver for influence and power. Pledge your allegiance to noble families, ideological factions, and the elite of the city to carve your own position. Accumulate debts and favors alike as you weave your way through the upper echelons of Peltarchian society. Beware your colleagues, for they may have made bargains of their own.

    The air of intrigue in Peltarch has thickened, as its denizens on high ponder what games to play. Whether they like it or not, you are now invited, whoever you are.

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  • The Crown and Magistracy have declared Morgan Azzen as Magistrate. The Helmite has previously served as Magistrate Borodin's Inquisitor, and now joins her and Shannon d'Arneau to fill the court's bench. Legal observers note that this means parties can appeal to a Triumvirate of all three Magistrates, and indeed must, rather than appeal directly to the Crown.

    Guard General Velhar has appointed Ravos Calchais to be the Commerce District Guard Captain and administrator of the Gaol. Calchais was involved in a high profile arrest of Crown Princess Reyhenna Jorino, and has hitherto assisted the Guard General on numerous occasions, including her work on the political Crown's Council.

    Defender Captain Hresh has resigned from the Defenders, along with half of his unit, comprising 20 men. Hresh has yet to speak on the record for his resignation, though whisperers murmur that he blames an alleged hypocrisy of the military for its treatment of Reyhenna Jorino. It is likely for this reason that Hresh and his men have joined the Goldfish Company, the new mercenary enterprise led by Reyhenna Jorino and her former squire Adrian.

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  • Defender General Sally Williams found Reyhenna Jorino in transgression of multiple articles of the military code. In a stunning turn of events, Reyhenna Jorino has resigned her post in the Defenders, alongside approximately half of Peltarch's current soldiers in the Defender ranks. Of these resignors, many were mercenaries, bandits, and other thugs put down and then later recruited by Jorino's regiment, alongside a sizable fraction of simple soldiers loyal to the Crown and also, it seems, to the Princess.

    Peltarch's Defenders are now at half capacity!

    As for the resignors, they have made their way to the docks, to congregate in a reformed warehouse that now serves as the barracks to a new and independent mercenary enterprise, the Goldfish Company! This new mercenary company is, it seems, ran by the mysterious Adrian, Jorino's former squire and now apparent business partner. Already it appears as though guilds, businesses, shippers, and caravans are soliciting the company for private security.

    Simultaneously, Oscar Halbrook was fired from his post as Guard Captain of the Commerce District and Gaol for his support of the Princess during a clash between the Defenders and the Guards, and Lt. Janes of Reyhenna Jorino's regiment was gaoled for declaring martial law without proper authority.

    Finally, following revelations of widespread payments that some have called "bribes" amidst the Defender ranks, Defender General Sally Williams announced sweeping reforms to the powers of current Defender Captains. She restricted the ability of any official to pay any monies to their subordinates beyond salaries earned, paid for by the treasury, and announced a forced shuffle of all troops above the rank of lieutenant, to diminish the ability of Captains to cultivate loyalty to themselves, rather than to the Crown. Some have gone so far as to suggest these reforms are the death knell of Peltarch's era of military politics, which saw charismatic Defender Captains vie for power and influence in the city.

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  • WILKES is DEAD. The Docks Union is DISMANTLED. The Seafarers once again control the Docks, with Jessica Whyte at the helm following the lost confidence of her predecessor to return the organization to its former position.

    The Crown Princess has aimed her sights at the Bank of Peltarch, the Seafarers Organization, and High Hold alike, declaring each a problem to be solved.

    In her allegations against the bank, the Princess has blamed the bank for swindling the Crown's treasury, duping it in a costly deception! Perceiving this allegation as the reason behind Regent Fisher's refusal to spend the Crown's dole of charity on the poor, a mob of commoners attacked the Bank, killing a clerk, and injuring its head bankers.

    The Magistrate d'Arneau issued a warrant to arrest the Princess, which was swiftly followed by a clash between the Princess' Defender regiment, led by Lieutenant Janes, and a smattering of Guards and Cerulean Knights led by General Velhar, Magistrate d'Arneau, Jonni Aelthasson, and Ravos Calchais. Though the Defenders outnumbered the Guards over 20 to 1, the clash was defused following the intervention of Regent Fisher, who amended the warrant to put the Princess under house arrest rather than the Gaol.

    Now a flurry of publications flood the public, each contradicting the last on who to blame.

    One thing is clear: the Regent is under mounting pressure from all angles to cut the Crown Princess down to size, following her actions against High Hold, against the Seafarers, against the Bank, and, some have now alleged, against Peltarch itself.


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  • Lo and behold, the Bank has released the public leasing contracts concerning Terra Firma. Lease prices remain a private matter, but the following is now registered information on the Bank's public ledgers:

    1. The litany of plots peppering the district are to go to certain noble families, with the larger of these plots going to houses Hemway and Whitedune respectively. One of these is to go to House Jennings.

    2. The two plots contiguous to the Order of the Divine Shield are to go to the Temple of the same.

    3. The widest plot bordering the Commerce District and the Residential District, containing the tallest edifice, is to go to the Docks Union.

    4. The plot of land near the tourney grounds is reserved for further negotiations with a private actor for a museum.

    5. A series of homes on the walkways toward the O.D.S. and the Courthouse are to go to veteran soldiers of Peltarch's wars.

    Those noble families who petitioned for the plots to be given to them by right of blood -- rather than through lease from a commercial entity such as the Bank -- voice quiet protest, in murmurs amongst themselves. The murmurs concern this, as well as the new denizens bound to move in to the district.

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  • Labor Durus

    You've made your way into Peltarch's elite, and even secured a position at or near the Council. On the matter of Terra Firma, the Crown has decided: the Bank is the winner of the solid ground in the Residential District. Leases and tithes will surely now increase, as the profit motive casts its long shadow over Peltarch's most traditional and historic district.

    The Bank is expected to release its list of leases soon. No doubt organizations have already bargained for their leases prior to the Crown's decision. To whom and for how much have they leased which plot? Only time will tell.

    But now, a new Union encompassing the entirety of the Docks' labour force has assumed control of the district: the Docks Union. It is difficult to take a single step without running into a member. Its leader, Wilkes, and the Docks District Councillor, Roslyn Underhill, staged a series of lockdowns and strikes to cast out Jessica Whyte as the managing partner of the Seafarers. Now the major force in the Docks District, rumor has it that the Union has turned his eyes on the labour found in other districts ...

    Of course, you already knew that. Just as you know that, despite its popularity among the working class, not everyone is a fan of the new Union. Opportunists see opportunity wherever they can find it, and discord is no exception. Meanwhile, the kind-hearted must navigate turmoil for the betterment of the city and its denizens. What is the future of Peltarch's common-folk and labourers? What will be the effect of the decisions you've made? What dangers lurk in the designs, both old and new, of man upon man?

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  • Terra Firma continues at 2:00 EST (approx. 3 hours from this post).

  • Hello schemers,

    Hoping to find some time today, depends on progress on my work. I'll ping Discord if and when I have the time (fingers crossed).

  • The tenday's time is up, and the upper echelons of Peltarch once again turn their eyes unto matters of state.

    Candles are lit.

    Cloaks hung.

    Whisperers whisper,

    Schemers scheme,

    And the Council gathers anew to endeavor:

    Terra Firma.


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  • Your machinations have paid off, for now. But you know that your fellows have their own schemes, and the indirect ripples caused by your competing designs are bound to clash.

    The story of Terra Firma continues.

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  • Terra Firma to continue next week.

    Following Terra Firma, there will be another storyline as part of the Intrigue series. The results of Terra Firma will matter -- but there's always time for new schemers to join in.

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  • As my playtimes are limited to weekends, the Terra Firma storyline will continue next weekend.

    In the meantime, players can coordinate (or otherwise) with (or against) one another.

    Once it is complete (expected next weekend), the next intrigue storyline will commence.

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  • Terra Firma

    Most people are blissfully unaware of the invaluable, free plots of land that litter the residential district. But not you. The lands were vacated following the deaths of several noble families during the demon siege. Most died from the abyssal attack. Most.

    The Crown is expected to choose new owners soon. Wealthy families, guilds, and certain others vie for the land. This spells opportunity. While they pine for the land, you sense the chance to curry favor, pay off debts, and get noticed. Who will receive the land? Who will owe who by the end of the ordeal?

    [DM Xanatos Gambit]