Build 905S4

  • Dev

    Howdy y'all, Build 905S4 has hit and we've got some fun stuff to share with you all:

    More Highhold and Giantspire Mountains

    @DrDreadLock has expanded the area with MORE AREAS, MORE CREATURES and a NEW STORAGE FACILITY for Narfell's northern inhabitants. Take a trip out to Blackridge and go explore!

    Peltarch Sewers Redesigned

    With the growing population, the city's septic systems have been absolutely overflowing with... umm well you get the picture. Foreign architects from across the lands have been assembled in Peltarch to redesign the sewers to adapt. Shortly after the completion of these warm, stinky tunnels, hostile creatures quickly moved in. Workers also report sightings of a new group of cultists moving in. Recommended for adventurers level 4-8.