A mage offers assistance to all and the purchase of unwanted scrolls

  • :: A very well presented man without any visible weapons has been seen around the city, and proceeds to visit all the traders in the town enquiring on Magery within the city and offering his personal introductions in a formal manner. ::

    :: After doing so he enquires as to the nature of thje lawful use of magic within the city and asks for permission to post a note offering to purchase scrolls for a good price - He also offers councel, advice, knowledge or magical protection to practically benefit their life to those of a non magical inclination in exchange if coin is not preferred. He also says that no magics contrary to the laws of the city will be practiced, and declares he shall remain watchful for any ignorance of these laws and report to the relevant authorities ::

    "And to all who are not of a magical persuasion, i am always on the lookout for those adept in weapons to accompany myself on experiments and investigations on magery in the vicinity of the city." Those who care to offer their services, or provide unwanted scrolls for my study, will be personally prioritised the highest levels of magical protection i can offer in return. These "persistent blades" as they shall be known will soon be known as the finest proponents of sword, spear or bow in the land!"

    :: He gives his assurance that only the enemies of the city and the region will feel any consequence of their aggression to his person should they choose to engage him, and that those he aids should consider likewise ::

    :: Signing the note "Augustus Farthingdale" with the symbols of Valkur, Azuth and Mystra around his personal sigil he leaves word on where he can be reached in Peltarch. ::