A Mage offers to buy unwanted scrolls...

  • A very well presented man arrives in town, and proceeds to visit all the traders in the town enquiring on Magery within Spellweaver Keep.

    After doing so he enquires in the great hall for permission to post a note offering to purchase scrolls for DOUBLE the merchant purchase price for spells he particularly needs for his studies.
    He also offers councel, advice, knowledge or magical protection to practically benefit their life to those of a non magical inclination in exchange if coin is not preferred ::

    After cataloguing the available magical inventories in town he visits Spellweaver keep and leaves a well crafted note with Waterdeep heraldry enquiring on the status, membership and masters of the tower ::

    Signing the note "Augustus Farthingdale" with the symbols of Valkur, Azuth and Mystra around his personal sigil he leaves word on where he can be reached