The Ankh of Immaculate Return

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    It has been ten years since the Annihilation of the Silver Host. Precious few survived the attack. Amongst them, the Dame Jasmine has recovered a potent artifact named 'The Ankh of Immaculate Return' -- a scrap of miracle allegedly capable of mass resurrection without need of bodily substances.

    Now Jasmine intends to use the artefact's power to return the Silver Host.

    (OOC: The use of the artefact will take place this upcoming Monday, at 1:00 EST, pending any changes. Jasmine, let me know if this is good for you.)

    (OOC Note: This event is the conclusion of another that I could not complete due to time restraints. Do not expect a fully fledged adventure.)

    [DM Xanatos Gambit]

  • I was hoping to catch this one...thought it was going to happen on the 26th.

  • I would like to personally thank Flom for running the Ankh event.

    As a player, I had only a vague idea of how the event was going to play out. Jasmine only knew that using the Ankh required a sacrifice. When she recovered the Kamal, the device used to find the Ankh, a devil whispered to her that she would be unable or unwilling to pay it, and offered to “help” in that regard. So when it came time, Jasmine offered her life, figuring it was the only thing she could really give the ankh that would have any meaning.

    I wasn’t sure at the time what it would entail. Offering a life could have been service. A life of dedication. But she had already done that in service to both Helm and Torm. Her values were all about duty, honor and sacrifice, and I told myself that if death was the price, then she would not flinch from it. The recovery of the souls of brothers and sisters in arms would be her legacy. Death really isn’t a sacrifice unless it comes without resurrection.

    While I’m saddened by the turn of events, there’s a certain sense of satisfaction as well. So many characters of mine just fade away to oblivion. They live their lives somewhere else, dying of old age or just going on about their lives without the excitement of adventure in Narfell. Unlike my others, this had a definite sense of purpose.

    Thanks to all the DMs and players that helped her on her short journey.

  • Complete.

  • @tpickles said in The Ankh of Immaculate Return:

    @Flom @Robyn I'd love to hop in with Aldo (also from Silver Host)

    Is this open to other people?

    At DM discretion, this is open to anyone that Jasmine trusts. If you were one of the seven surviving members of the Silver Host, then by all means come along!

  • Dev

    @Flom @Robyn I'd love to hop in with Aldo (also from Silver Host)

    Is this open to other people?

  • @robyn said in The Ankh of Immaculate Return:

    Saturday 1st - Free (on call, so interruptions possible)

    26th seems like a good bet then.

  • Here's my schedule -

    • Sunday 19th - Free
    • M-F - Work until 4-5pm
    • Saturday 25th - Busy
    • Sunday 26th - Perhaps free until 4pm, then busy
    • M-F - Work until 4-5pm (on call this week so I can get interrupted)
    • Saturday 1st - Free (on call, so interruptions possible)
    • Sunday 2nd - Free (on call, so interruptions possible)
    • M-Thu - Work until 4-5pm
    • Friday-Sunday 9th - Busy

  • @robyn

    I see. OK, how about next Saturday?

  • It is not. I work Monday through Friday until 4-5pm EST. I have Sunday the 19th open. Next weekend I might have early Sunday the 26th free.