Nathelin's Journal continue

  • It’s been a long time since I wrote. I got my memories back but it’s not all there. I thank mercy that I
    never lost them to the void. That name sparks fear into me. It’s easier to deal with those that think
    they are all powerful, than those that know and have all power to shape existence to their will.
    Everything seems like a nightmare Zacho is a nightmare. I had plenty of time to breathe and
    compose myself to at least try and not be afraid of him. Speaking of nightmares. My memories
    separate into two chests one from Narfell and the other are journeys from my time away from

    Long while back I had spent time away from Narfell to meditate truth and Verika was right.
    I needed to let go . So I let Sima go and other thoughts too. I had thinking what did standing up to
    that jerk accomplished, I was lucky. I did not have plan but I covered my distance when the Lich had
    set Verika against me. After she had managed to set herself free. To did day I still do not fully
    Understand how but it seems she exploited his weakness.

    (// There is a whole lot long story unrelated to Narfell but something fun to write up to why Nath was away. If you want to skip look for story end. This is more of a creative exercise and not really canon to any Narfell going ons.)

    During my time away I had walked into a whole heap of trouble. I cannot go back home. The
    Order of the Flames of Vengeance is still there. The Flames of Vengeance an order consist of
    dedicated Hoarans and Kossuthans dedicated to rooting out demons and it’s worshippers and
    I’d support them but they have done dastard crimes against the innocent. The Damaran village of
    Vlaasta and it’s people was its lastest victim.
    The moment the commander had the townspeople rounded up for execution I could see the
    hatred in his eyes or was it blind zeal? He gathered up the local bath keeper’s couple and their
    young son and daughter. They spent time taking care of me while I was there. They had most gentle
    hearts and never left their business home. They were all accused of the heresy of conspire with
    demons. They also harboured a ‘traitorous assassin’ who was known to be the Flame edge .

    The commander wanted me to join them. He declared that their execution is signed and sealed by
    the Damaran officials and that he had the power execute me on the spot with them as what’s that
    word co-conspira something. Every fibre of my being and soul said no. I did not care If I died for I
    had fallen into despair. What could I do, I was surrounded by a company of the order
    and the guards and the village leaders stood helplessly on the side of path and on the the law. I
    never questioned Damaran law, but where was orderly process. This whole thing got to be a
    mistake. I just stood there daring for them to get closer. He knew my answer, I was in their lack of
    mercy. I was lucky I was not the only ones that had problems with them. A few mercenary groups
    stood against them beside me and one of them was a vocal Olimis the Old Calimshan Paladin of
    Lathander a Commander of the larger groups.

    I braced for the fight to the death until sounds of brimstone and a dozen unholy portals
    appear and swarms and demons jumped out. If they suspected I was a demon caller then, I had
    no doubts they believe I was one now did the only thing I could think of that moment. The guard
    crumbled over while my feet swiped his leg. A final stunning punch to the side of his head and he
    was out. The family was free of his grasp and they came to my embrace.
    The mercenaries freed the other captives. A couple of them under the paladin’s
    order to escort everyone out of the city and find a new safe spot for the refugees. It seemed they
    had the chaos handled with bravery as they clashed with the legion of demons pouring from the

    We battled through waves of demons and order zealots to dash through alleys and side paths.
    I could only watch helplessly as townspeople massacred by claws and barbs of the
    fiends and also the valiant bystanders defending us against them. By the last stretch we could see
    the light but with eager approach more swarms of demons appeared before us. It was more than we
    could handle let alone protect the remaining couple of townspeople and the bath keeper couple and
    their children.

    They were locusts towards us. We prepared ourselves and with a flash among the light demons
    were flanked by many. First by a strike from a corrosive dagger and hails of arrows then
    terror roars from great blades and axes rend demon flesh. This was our chance to finish them off as
    took the front to vanquish those planar monsters with our new unknown allies.
    The assassin unveiled her hood. They called her Teris of Darmshall was a sullen red headed Vaasan
    with a look that pierce. I was surprised that the townspeople flock to her like a saviour. She had the
    warm smile of the sun.
    More to surprise I looked at her friends, darkened robed mages and grey shades of leathers hoods
    equipped with magical bows and the sharpest looking axes and blades that gleam with sunlight.
    They were scary looking force and lucky for us all the fighting was there and we were at the
    exhausted breaths.

    So I wished to ask her if she had anything to do with the demon summoning but she had the
    crowd’s heart and I just couldn’t. She said that she had no part of that and not all was as it
    seemed. I had no idea what that meant and there was no time to ponder. The mercenaries which all lived
    regrouped with their bonds. There was nothing left of the village as it become a fire wreckage for a
    tenday. All I could do was look over the refugees at the top of the hill as we left for the new
    Assassin’s safe haven.

    When I’m not in Narfell I usually spend time with the mercenaries. It seems they have an alliance
    with the assassin against the order. I don’t like to fight but creating safe passage from the grips
    of the Flames of vengeance is a worthwhile hobby to say the least. I remember for the very least
    they have their mission and though it’s worthy, my time in Narfell is not done.

    (//Story end )

    Now Back to Narfell.
    I always leave Narfell to Narfell business I do not wish to bring my troubles there. That is why I’m
    always in disguise with a new name out of Narfell and hardly speak of my time there.
    That is why when I see fire, I seem all out of mind.

    I guess that is why when forest was on fire I could do nothing but watch as the group summon
    Water elementals and fight the fires. When I returned I found out that Darius finds me to be a most
    hated enemy. He told me I was not important to him at all. Guess he lied. There is still stuff to do in
    Narfell and I come to terms and grips with my weakness and moved on from my savior complex. I
    don’t think I feel much for Sima now. If she returns I will help her. I think she is safer where she is
    now, she has good disguise.

    It’s it been with me always it bailed me out again. It is a true friend. It may have darkness but by
    mercy, I will do what it takes to help him. Then we bond and we become closest friends. Maybe have
    connection that Verika and Khyale have. It was there for me when I’m lonely. We can help each
    other and heal and find renew purpose in Narfell.

  • On another note now that my mind is more gathered, i realize the Elves in Narfell though they seem divided there is a unity that they will help each other for cause. I'm not an Elf but i can understand their tongue and write when i put on the ring. Seems they got a trial to finish. They were there to help see the trauma in my mind and uncover. I should at least help them at time of need when around.

    Seems my secret friend is encouraging them too in own way. Now back to meditation and sleep for the day.

  • // Oh yeah Vlaasta is a name of village I made up it would be at west of Praka.