Highlights of main game features and all updates in the last 10-12 years for new or returning players.

  • Highlights of main features and all Build Updates in the last 10-12 years approx - for the benefit of veterans: - (up to July 2020)

    Discord channel, where players logging in is recorded so you can see activity when you want to play.
    Upgraded to NWN:Enhanced Edition: - With no more haks to download, this is a seamless login to access Narfell.
    Full random loot system
    C-tokens no longer exist - so great for new players
    Fully revamped starting level system (Lvl=4 with regional backgrounds and decent equipment choices)
    Passwording system is in including setting CD key.
    Death penalties reduced
    Player Shout channel enabled, which also attracts hostiles.

    Sticky combat modes enabled so modes like expertise and rapid shot will no longer turn off when you move
    Removed PRC application restrictions for certain classes : Blackguard, Weaponmaster, Assessin. These can be
    chosen without application once requirements are met
    Assassin and Blackguard spellbooks added
    Improvements to tracking, druid spells
    Fixes to Paladin DE tool, and the Turning System for evil clerics to be the same as good (or rather average) clerics
    Fix of Barbarian Rage - Instant, (applies to NPC's and PC's)
    Self Service persistent storage and banking
    Summons, familiar and companions now transition with player

    Full Nars, Norwick and Peltarch re-work including transition points.
    Giantspires now 17+ maps
    Randomised encounters in some Underdark maps

    Improvements to AI
    Dark Fire and Flame Weapon are now applicable to gloves!
    !skillcheck or !sc command DM initiated (or silent) or player initiated - resulting in some good combat mechanics
    Usable Books and Paper
    HCR traps removed
    Automatic lore checks on pickup and !id command to lore check all items in inventory
    Lots of new creatures with new appearances

    Combat XP Cap removed - Party members of ANY level are eligible to get combat XP
    Automated RP XP - More if you are RPing with others
    Exploration XP
    10 minute rest bug fixed

    Unification of starting citizenship in Peltarch for new characters to aid encountering players
    Citizenship available in other new towns : "Blackbridge" a new icy frontier town
    Somewhere to sit outside the Peltarch mermaid inn
    Istichia Shrine, 😕 and some moon something random temple too, who knows. 😉
    Father Dagon has now opened an infirmary in Oscura
    Jousting System