Highlights of main game features and all updates in the last 10-12 years for new or returning players.

  • Highlights of main features and all Build Updates in the last 10-12 years approx - for the benefit of veterans: - (up to July 2020)

    Discord channel, where players logging in is recorded so you can see activity when you want to play.
    Upgraded to NWN:Enhanced Edition: - With no more haks to download, this is a seamless login to access Narfell.
    Full random loot system
    C-tokens no longer exist - so great for new players
    Fully revamped starting level system (Lvl=4 with regional backgrounds and decent equipment choices)
    Passwording system is in including setting CD key.
    Death penalties reduced
    Player Shout channel enabled, which also attracts hostiles.

    Sticky combat modes enabled so modes like expertise and rapid shot will no longer turn off when you move
    Removed PRC application restrictions for certain classes : Blackguard, Weaponmaster, Assessin. These can be
    chosen without application once requirements are met
    Assassin and Blackguard spellbooks added
    Improvements to tracking, druid spells
    Fixes to Paladin DE tool, and the Turning System for evil clerics to be the same as good (or rather average) clerics
    Fix of Barbarian Rage - Instant, (applies to NPC's and PC's)
    Self Service persistent storage and banking
    Summons, familiar and companions now transition with player

    Full Nars, Norwick and Peltarch re-work including transition points.
    Giantspires now 17+ maps
    Randomised encounters in some Underdark maps

    Improvements to AI
    Dark Fire and Flame Weapon are now applicable to gloves!
    !skillcheck or !sc command DM initiated (or silent) or player initiated - resulting in some good combat mechanics
    Usable Books and Paper
    HCR traps removed
    Automatic lore checks on pickup and !id command to lore check all items in inventory
    Lots of new creatures with new appearances

    Combat XP Cap removed - Party members of ANY level are eligible to get combat XP
    Automated RP XP - More if you are RPing with others
    Exploration XP
    10 minute rest bug fixed

    Unification of starting citizenship in Peltarch for new characters to aid encountering players
    Citizenship available in other new towns : "Blackbridge" a new icy frontier town
    Somewhere to sit outside the Peltarch mermaid inn
    Istichia Shrine, 😕 and some moon something random temple too, who knows. 😉
    Father Dagon has now opened an infirmary in Oscura
    Jousting System

    Added automatic lore checks on pick-up. This will auto-stack items(though you will see a second acquired message... one for the unidentified, one for the identified potion, but only for stackable items) when this happens. This was the only way to get it to auto-stack.
    Added !id command to lore check all items in inventory (if unidentified).
    More Highhold and Giantspire Mountains
    Peltarch Sewers Redesigned
    Peltarch Residential Sewers Re-Opened
    True seeing has been changed (please update the wiki to match): it no longer requires a component; duration is 2 turns per level; it grants see invisibility and ultravision (but does NOT spot stealth characters); it grants immunity to phantasmal killer and weird (as those affected spot the illusions automatically).
    Hunting System is in. See the new "Hunting Log" item in your inventory (created after any spawn kill). This will fundamentally change the way the examine system works and how threats are assessed.
    Persistent map pins. See the new "Map of Narfell" item. For now, this only reviews your full list of persistent map pins.
    Strongheart halflings now receive weapon finesse for free rather than ANY feat (which was broken previously, giving no bonus).
    Dispel/Breach AI cooldown fixed (2d4 rounds).
    Horses are now allowed in most areas around the world (except inside houses, of course) - see Dorakhan note regarding riding AC.
    Added 42 new head models -- To get acces to most of them you need to talk to the Appearance Changer in the New Player's Lobby when creating a new PC, or ask a DM to whether use the Appearance Change Tool on you or to spawn an Appearance Changer Steve if they aren't busy
    Forges now also have the option to dump all your ore in a single click. Simple close the inventory screen and select the first option when the conversation comes up.

    For centuries the Undercity has only been available to the blooded, Oscuran nobles have just decided to open their gates for all to enter the undercity. They've also made it free to enter their mines
    The Bag of Holding has now opened up locations in Norwick and Oscura. Through magic, a dedicated shipping service and sheer effort, they keep your goods accessible where ever you are!
    Adds the !deletecharacter command to delete your own characters that you're no longer using. You will need to be identified with !password identify <my super secure password> in order to do so.

    Player Shops - (aka self-service player shops) - A new kind of business has setup shop in the Peltarch markets: Be Your Own Boss Mercantiles. Setup an account, open a stall and sell some of your wares!
    Overall chance to find magic items has increased 5x

    Massive update to armors. TLK update will accurately show new stats but the basic idea is that, aside from clothing, max AC is always 9. Padded is 1 AC/8 DEX, leather is 2/7, studded 3/6... half plate is 7/2. This should automatically update the function of all existing armor.
    Player cleric "True Resurrection" is now in-game. It requires a small diamond AND gold to cast, but the gold component is 5k cheaper than NPCs. It requires both components before casting and should bail before burning either component if you don't have both.
    Quest system expanded to involve time requirements for quest state changes and minimum level.
    What once was a privelege of only a few fantasy races is now a right for all. Half-orcs, gnomes and dwarves, it's time to get your hoods on with the !hood chat command...and off again with the same command.

    Dragon Disciple class unlocked with some changes. Max level at 6. (More to follow.)
    Shrine of Tempus will now grant occasional buffs when broken armor, weapons, or shields are placed in offerings.
    Campfires built with the oil flasks now works as it used to do in the past: rest near one and you get an extra hp recovery bonus (as if bandaged).

    List of caves that have had their loot chest level restricted:
    Giantspire Foothills - Orc Cave: Level 8 and bellow
    Giantspire Southern Pass - Deeper Woods: Level 12 and bellow
    Giantspire Foothills - Damp Caves: Level 16 and bellow
    Rawlinswood: Goblin Hold Level 2: Level 12 and bellow
    Undergound - Rural Tunnels: Level 12 and bellow

    New dungeon added:
    The old forsaken orcish fort south of Jiyyd is back with some kind of weird undead activity. Would you dare to take this new challenge?
    The dungeon has hidden treasure rooms and passages you can use your skills to reveal individually, for your group or if you are stalking.
    [Recommended level: 10-14. Note that you won't be able to enter the Boss room if you are above level 14, neither you'll be able to open the loot chests if that's the case. You can still explore all new three areas though.]

    Wildshape Rebalance
    We're in the process of reworking wildshape and the first item on the agenda is to make shapes more useful. We've started with the base shapes and will be moving on to other forms to give them unique flavor. You can see below the base forms have been aligned more closely to their usual wild counterparts you'd discover in the lands of Narfell. Appropriate skills and feats have been provided.
    Shape Changes
    Bear Concentration and Discipline +8
    Panther Hide and Move silently +8, 1d6 Sneak Attack
    Boar Concentration and Discipline +8, 10 Dodge AC (instead of default), DR 1
    Wolf Spot and Listen +8 , Howl of Fear 1/day
    Badger Mobility, 8 Dodge AC (instead of default), 10% faster move
    Dire bear Concentration and Discipline +15
    Dire panther Hide and Move silently +15, 1d6 Sneak Attack
    Dire boar Concentration and Discipline +15, 10 Dodge AC (instead of default), DR 3
    Dire wolf Spot and Listen +15, Howl of Fear 2/day
    Dire badger Spring attack, 10 Dodge AC (instead of default), 10% faster move

    The Lost City is hard! We're working on making it worth it. We've added a random loot chest at the end stocked with goods and with the highest point item spawning there currently is on the server. Gather some adventurers and check it out.

    Arcane Trickster
    The Arcane Trickster enhances their roguish skills with arcane magic, dabbling in mainly illusion and enchantment magic.
    For more info, such as level progression and abilities, see the wiki article on Arcane Tricksters.
    Mystic Theurge
    Blurring the line between divine and arcane, mystic theurges draw power from divine sources and musty tomes alike. While most spellcasters choose one path to magical power, mystic theurges walk two roads at once, simultaneously mastering spells common to clerics and wizards.
    For more info, such as level progression and abilities, see the wiki article on Mystic Theurges.

    Managing pages and pages of the same potions is a huge pain! We've upped potion stacks to 20 and arrow/bolt/bullet stacks to 200. Enjoy!

    Shield Bearer Prestige Class
    Build 907C4 brings the Weapon Master of the defensive world. Grab your towershields and get ready to be the best wave of defense NWN has ever seen.
    The Shield Bearer is a fighter that has dedicated all their training to become one with the tower shield. They've focused on how to be defensive and avoid harm in dire situations to be able to take the frontline against the mightiest of foes and survive.

    Fast Travel additions: Caravan masters across the land have expanded their operations. People can now travel from Damara to Kront.
    Tenser's Transformation and Divine Power should no longer stack attack bonuses
    Planar Binding Updates - Permitted