Adventurers of High Hold

  • Here is a place for you to put up a small background story, or common knowledge of your High Hold characters. Does not need to be anything extensive. I will give background xp for it as well.

  • Frederick Silver

    Lieutenant Frederick Silver (Freddy, to a select number of friends) is a Helmite, born and raised in the town of Blackbridge. Known to have trained in the Everwatch Abbey from the age of 14, he has since rose through the ranks of the Wardens, taking leadership roles in several successful campaigns for High Hold.

    He is almost always seen in his full plate armor, a gleaming and pristine piece of craftsmanship, adorned with the symbols of Helm, with the colors of High Hold on the surcoat. Equally, his plumbed, face concealing helm is a distinguishing feature that leads many to wonder what the man even looks like under all that metal.

    Currently, Frederick is the leader of the Wardens' 3rd Lance, aptly named The Silver Bulwark. A 50 person strong unit comprised of elite, hand picked men-at-arms, tasked with the security of High Hold's ruling class.

  • J.T. Firefly is a bombastically outfitted, softly spoken sorceress often seen skipping frantically through the snow from once place to another in Blackbridge. Her belt clinks with potions, vials and magical baubels of myriad variety. Her long, raven black hair is meticulously cared for, but often haphasardly shot through with a colourful series of slipshod prestidigated highlights. Her features are noticably foreign, but her pretty face is extraordinarily expressionate - an open book to her feelings on any particular matter at hand.

    She first gained some prominence in Blackbridge by shadowing the ever reliable Eve Tanner as the archer herself shadowed adventurers and locals as they went about the business of do-goodery and mercenary work about town. She is probably best known as the arcane pilot who successfully flew the Spelljammer captured from the Neogi safely back to High Hold, and who then less successfully flew it into a mountain after the infamous rescue mission at the Neogi base around Selune's Tears. Sure, the captives were recovered, but the Sorceress was said to be inconsolable for a time after the True North blew the wreck to bits.

    Eternally optimistic however, she didn't take long to bounce back and was more recently seen overtly canvassing for the inclusion of Eve Tanner, Frederick Silver and Deot-Kuz Valdem to the Council of Blackbridge, with her usual enthusiasm bubbling over throughout. She makes no secret of holding other arcanists of any note in very high esteem, and is one of the few residents of Blackbridge known to have regular, friendly (or at least, non-confrontational) interactions with the Red Wizards in town.

    She is generally deferential to any authority figures (or anyone capable of speaking with a raised voice), though she is more confident where men are concerned, a fact she has often been heard happily explaining is a simple result of her homeland Dambrath being very strictly matriarchal in nature, among its many other oddities.

  • Legion

    Martoushca Leaffall is a regular visitor to Hinhold. While not a citizen, she helps out when she can with engineering and agricultural projects.

    Marty is a reasonably friendly character. She is instantly recognisable by her shiny black and dark blue Legion uniform, and her mop of blonde hair. She shield bears the daisy symbol of Sheela Peryroyl, the halfling goddess of agriculture and romance. The vine tattoos on her upper arms, and green ribbons laced through braids in her hair identify her as one of the "Green Children", druids who serve Sheela and guard agricultural balance in halfling communities. Other feather tokens and beaded trinkets hanging off her equipment display an obvious druidic connection.

  • Tory
    Small compact human with mousy blondish hair and regular features. She moved to High Hold years ago to get some freedom from her parents and staid for the muffins. She is an odd thing but pleasant enough, other than the giggling maybe. She is known to be able to cast some spells but often just dissapears into a crowd.

  • [Pulled from Another Thread] ...a bare chested and darkly-painted warrior has apparently settled in the area. He approaches the smithy and speaks with Hala by the forge, his face grim and pale - set with storm gray eyes. He looks at her evenly and without disrespect; he is after all practically a stranger in the town of Blackbridge...

    " shields been ruined. Cracked and battered by the clubs of many giants and axe-wielding reavers in the pass. Can you re-plank it? I have coin..."

    As he speaks he lays out shield made from wood that had been stained the colour of dried blood. A brass boss shaped like a coiling dragon seemed to be the only thing that hadn't been rent, hewn or splintered. Arrowheads and at least one crossbow bolt were embedded without pattern into the hard and treated wood planks. The rim of the shield looked almost comically worn, large 'V' shaped cuts in parts, splintered breaks in others. At least one curious long hole that looked like the wood had melted and smoldered.

    "...the boss is magical, the rest can be replaced. Fashion it in the likeness of your folk here, large and round. Paint it red so that it might be seen -- and tell your people that Cormac Randolph has come to slay your giants..."

    [Pulled from Another Thread] Occasionally seen around High Hold, the bare-chested barbarian; his blackened lips framing a broad and savage grin contrasted grimly by the whirling snowdrifts through which he wanders. A brightly painted huscarl's roundshield slung upon his shoulder, a warblade by his side - and often clenched in his powerful fist of late the Chieftain's Waraxe of Clan Rannúlfr; the blade and iron counterweight of which are heavily and elaborately decorated - both in magic runewords, and the screaming raven crest of Cormac's folk. Snow and wind from the mountains powder his black hair and dust his heavy cloak, the savagery of the land reflected in his iron-gray eyes. The bitter biting wind does not take away from his mood. And he often hums to himself a song that carried on the wind from somewhere, once upon a when...

    After hearing the most recent news from Peltarch's rant stand from those arriving in the final caravans from that city, Cormac Randolph the Barbarian Skald is now a more regular sight within the mountain town with his big axe and never hotter temper. Sullen eyed and often aggressively unhappy about it, too. He spends much of his time among the raider parties; inspiring them with old poems and legendary tales. He bids every man take heart, and hopes the advice he gives that he cannot himself take does not come over hollow, or insincere...

  • Peltarch Employee

    Makoto, having moved into High Hold just before Lord Sent and the others were captured in the devil attacks seems to be content in her new home. The woman at some times can be respectful and polite, and others extremely cocky and arrogant. Extremely confident in herself, she is known to be an accomplished adventurer, harboring some -very- expensive, elaborate equipment like Mithral plate and a pair of savage looking halberds.

    Despite her somewhat introverted nature, the blue-scaled woman seems to be willing to talk and accommodate anyone so long as they keep the nonsense to a minimum. Though she's somewhat miserly with her coin if people ask her for some, its been on the record that she's already spent 10's of thousands having the fallen resurrected, commoner, adventurer, and soldier alike.

  • Eve Tanner has spent a handful of years in and around High Hold; a sad-eyed young woman of unremarkable looks and unassuming demeanour. She keeps mostly to herself, though at times one might find her relaxing and enjoying a kaeth at the Black Bean Café in the company of a small circle of friends including J.T. Firefly, Zoma and Frederick Silver. Eve's accent hints of simple origins somewhere in the Dalelands, though the make of her leather armour tells a different tale. Finely made in silver and blue, these leathers might, to those in the know, strike a familiar note. It has the look of the Silver Host, a group of crusaders come to rid Narfell of all evil, until falling prey of it themselves.

    Eve herself volunteers little if anything of a personal nature, though her faith is readily apparant by the symbol of Torm worn around her neck. She seems principled and particular about the sort of work she takes on, but once committed, will always do her best to see it through. Primarily an archer, she professes some wilderness skills and doesn't skirt from melee if she deems it necessary.

    Eve has taken the cheapest possible lodging in Blackbridge, gradually familiarizing herself with High Hold and its residents. By now, she's known to have assisted the Hold's leadership on a number of missions, ranging from simple trail blazing to combatting the Neogi menace, but remains apart from the official ranks. She's generally polite to everyone, except the Thayans or others involved in slave trade, whom she regards with ill disguised ire. In contrast, the arrival of the Silver Rider Mastine and her griffon Silverstar never fails to make Eve smile.