Adventurers of High Hold

  • Here is a place for you to put up a small background story, or common knowledge of your High Hold characters. Does not need to be anything extensive. I will give background xp for it as well.

  • Eve Tanner is a newcomer to High Hold; a sad-eyed young woman of unremarkable looks and unassuming demeanour. She keeps to herself, though will often snap to attention when addressed as though accustomed to orders. Her accent hints of simple origins somewhere in the Dalelands, though the make of her leather armour and longbow tell a different tale. Finely made in silver and blue, these items might, to those in the know, strike a familiar note. They have the look of the Silver Host, a group of crusaders come to rid Narfell of all evil, until falling prey of it themselves.

    Eve herself volunteers little if anything of a personal nature, though her faith is readily apparant by the symbol of Torm worn around her neck. She seems principled and particular about the sort of work she takes on, but once committed, will always do her best to see it through. Primarily an archer, she professes some wilderness skills and doesn't skirt from melee if she deems it necessary.

    For now, Eve has taken the cheapest possible lodging in Blackbridge, little by little aquainting herself with High Hold and its residents. She's generally polite to everyone, except the Thayans or others involved in slave trade, whom she regards with ill disguised ire.