Brumir Approaches the "Fish Fortress"

  • Brumir Silverhammer of the Council of Moradin, flanked by two Moradin's Axes, approach the goblin, kobold, and kuo toa who have set up a camp called Fish Fortress just north of the dwarven fort Ihar Burakin.

    "Ah am givin' ye warnin' me kin nay often give any o yer kind since ye be outcasts. Yer presence nay be tolerated this close ta our home. Pack up yer things an' leave our sight, else ye'll be meetin' more o me kin who won't be askin' nicely. Ah would suggest headin' up north as tha folk up thar tend ta like yer kind."

  • //Hey, just because I killed the NPCs without a DM reacting with them properly doesn’t take away from the fact that I IG walked Korak all the way down the Nars before I killed them. That is pretty impressive.

  • Meanwhile, the Dwarven guards in the Hold prepare for a battle.

    ///I think Sam is the only one who can log in tonight, be continued.

  • Actually we are looking for the player who logged to kill those NPCs without any DM supervision. Whoever did that, please, PM me ASAP.

  • Yes. It does not count. And the goblinoids were not killed IG.

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    All further RP will be in game.

    ///To clarify...
    It has come to my attention that the goblinoids were already killed IG. So, we are going with that? All of this forum RP doesn't count?

  • All those who wish to participate send me a DM with your avaliable times and I will sort something out. Until then nothing further is going to count until IG.

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  • All further RP will be in game.

  • Brumir grins as Sam speaks

    "Ah knew yer pappy would make sure ye had a gud head on yer shoulders. But ye must fergive Rary - he spends a lot o time up north an' thar meaning o honor involves shite like tryin' ta use our kin as shields fer these 3 scum frum tha rest o thar kind."

    Brumir then motions to his kinsmen on top of Ihar Burakin. They aim their bastilla at the "Fish Fortress" sign at the Crossroads and fire, destroying the sign with a loud explosion.

    "Ye have until me kin up thar reload an' reset the bastilla ta take a hike, er else 'Fish Fortress' will soon become 'Fish Guts.' An' don't fer one second think yer relocatin' 'em ta tha Bluff either. That'll make this encounter look friendly."

  • ignores sams lengthy diatribe

  • Samwell suspiciously watches the raven fly away before turning his attention back to Rary. He just stares at Rary with an astonished look on his face

    You, clearly, know nothing of Dwarves...nor of honor. And moral ground? Really? You know not the meaning of the words.

    You speak of honor. Yet, out of all the possible locations, you decide to camp these creatures here, in Dwarven territory. What did you think would happen? Are you a simpleton?

    Or, perhaps, it was the bright idea of the witch to camp them here. If that’s the case, you’ve been played for a fool. She knew exactly what would happen, and now you’re stuck holding the bag while she flies off to relax in the commons. Samwell stays alert and keeps his eyes (and ears) open in case she tries to return

    Either way, you should have known better.

    I realize that these creatures might be potential allies, but this is DWARVEN territory and they are not welcome here. It is by Dwarven right that they refuse these creatures refuge on their land. There are plenty of other places in the region they can camp. So, take them, and go.

    You speak of honor. Do the honorable thing and simply move your friends somewhere else - no problems and no one gets hurt. Or, you can be stubborn, refuse to move, and things will get ugly. You speak of “moral ground” Scoffs How many Dwarves are you willing to murder for your foolish pride? The choice is yours...choose wisely.

  • Raryldor visits to play with the little orphaned blink dog puppy

  • Threatening me with violence dishonors both yourself and the memory of your clan warden as well as his kin. You can do better. Or do you choose to act like a thug and cede the moral high ground?

  • While this confrontation takes place a raven flutters into the Fortress and drops a rolled up note before Fish be flying away.
    It reads...

    "The Witch of the Nars recognizes Fortress Fish."

  • More Dwarves arrive from inside Ihar Burakin to back up Brumir, he then gives Raryldor a narrow glance.

    "Are ye tryin' ta test our patience elf? Ye gut miles an' miles o Nars Pass, an' ye set yer new 'friends' up right next ta our home. So ah'll make this easy fer ye - git 'em outta here within tha hour, er tha Council o Moradin will."

  • Raryldor makes camps with Fortress Fish

  • The occupants don't seem remotely interested in talking to Brumir, chatting amongst themselves, as they paint fake walls.