Factions of High Hold

  • Factions of High Hold

    Lord Ewan Sent and his Advisors:

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    Lord Ewan Sent: Human Male. Age, 30's. Height, 5'-9". Hair, Brown. Eyes, Brown. A man of average height and average looks, Ewan's brown hair is cut short and his brown eyes like pools of murky water. His plate armor is well used yet well maintained, a plain looking longsword rests comfortably on one hip in its scabbard, the other hip holding a shortsword with a jeweled pommel and that jewel being the only show of wealth on this young man. He seems slow to move, slow to talk and slow to react with any emotion. Most might think Ewan a commoner if not for the coat of arms emblazoned on his shield and tabard, a badger standing on a chunk on coal, four bars of gold over its head on a field of green and brown. Known to leave most of the day-to-day operations of High Hold to his trusted friends, Ewan is still well known for his ability to lead. He is equally comfortable negotiating trade deals or leading his men into battle and is said to have single-handedly slayed the Fire Giant Chieftain Sigvog during the siege of High Hold at the age of sixteen winters; the act itself ending the siege and sending the Fire Giants back into the mountains. He is also known to be the grandson of Akton Sent, the Defender traitor and ex-Lord of High Hold.

    Maeve Fellsworth: Tiefling Female (Infernal). Age, Unknown. Height, 5'-2". Hair, Black. Eyes, Hazel. Maeve's ancestry is obvious in her dark reddish skin, two small curved horns that match her skin tone curl backwards on her head as they rise above the silky black hair that flows freely down past her shoulders. Pointed ears seem to catch every sound nearby, her head tilting slightly at each noise as her amber eyes seem to take everything in. Her looks are ageless; her beauty absolutely flawless in her silk robes, those robes most often in the green and brown color of High Hold. Although she walks with a confidence born of her blood and seems to flaunt her features and use them to her advantage, she is cautious enough to cover up her more distinct traits when she is in public. She seems to be shrouded in mystery. Her name is Maeve, she is a tiefling who serves in the forces of High Hold and is an arcanist of some power. Little else is known about her at this time.

    General Devon Ackerman: Human Male. Age, 30's. Height, 6'-4". Hair, Blonde. Eyes, Blue. Devon seems the typical soldier, tall, broad shouldered and muscular with his blonde hair cut short, his blonde beard trimmed neatly. The most distinguishing trait about him is his piercing blue eyes. This middle-aged man seems good natured and quick to laugh at a joke, though when his duty calls all that is replaced with the absolute focus expected of any General. When in public he is always seen in uniform, the green and brown plate armor of High Hold with his plumed helm. A metal ring on his belt holds a heavily runed mace and a darkwood shield is always close at hand. As with most of High Holds people, due to their lack of involvement in Narfellian affairs over the past few decades little is known about these individuals. What is known through various sources coming out of Damara is that General Devon Ackerman leads the forces of High Hold, he is completely loyal to the Lord of High Hold and the soldiers who serve under him are completely loyal to him. 'Firm yet fair' is the saying often used to refer to the General.

    Captain Navarra Stormwind: Human Female (Creel Narswoman). Age, 20's. Height, 6'-6". Hair, Brown. Eyes, Hazel. Her background is obvious to any who live in Narfell and know of the native people. She is a Creel barbarian, one of the most violent tribes and known to attack on sight any outsiders not of their tribe. Navarra is tall and strong, with long brown hair that she keeps tied back most times and hazel eyes and bears one facial tattoo which upon closer inspection appears to be colored in scars from some type of claw injury she once sustained. She carries a large axe, the head of the axe covered in arcane runes and it glows brightly no matter what tries to tarnish its metal. Navarra is said to be the leader of Lord Ewan Sent's personal guard. She was known to work with Asher Creed and many believed she had taken part in his traitorous activities though Ewan still seems to keep her close to him. Unlike her native Creel, she seems less violent unless provoked and actually speaks to people.

    Lieutenant Eric Destal: Human Male. Age, 20's. Height, 5'-11". Hair, Brown. Eyes, Brown. Eric is an oddity among his more rugged High Hold companions in that he sees the world as one big adventure to experience. At twenty years old he has a youthful naivety that is often accompanied by the boyish grin that comes with inexperience on worldly matters. A strapping young man who is easy to look upon yet not having the outward glamour of the bards he seems to admire so much. He is now said to be one of Maeve's bodyguards, a high position for one so young and that may speak to his skill with a blade despite his age. When he is not watching over the Tiefling woman he is often seen about the Bardic College practicing his Lute or at the Mermaid enjoying some lemon chicken with an ever present look of fascination at what Peltarch has to offer.

    Arahar Akia Seagha, Priestess of Tempus: Human Female. Age, 40's. Height, 5'-9". Hair, Blonde. Eyes, Green. Battle-hardened and brave. Arahar, who mostly goes by the name Akia is the first on the battle lines and the last to leave, if she can help it. Damaran by birth, she came to High Hold in years past to help lead the battles against the Fire Giants for the glory of the Lord of Battles. Covered in scars, the most notable one being an old blade cut from the top right of her face, to the bottom left on her chin. The scar gives her a twisted look that unsettles many around her - under the scars, possibly having once been a very attractive woman. She is meticulous in her maintenance of equipment, the newer recruits have suffered many a smack by her wooden switch when they did not maintain their equipment to her standards. She is quick to call-out things she disagrees with and does so in a less than diplomatic way. Her main focus is the future battles of High Hold and she serves loyally. Although she is tough on soldiers of High Hold, she is the first to cross a battlefield to drag injured men and women back to be healed and the troops highly respect the woman.

    Caleesh Trading Emporium:

    The Caleesh Trading Emporium's symbol if a black raven, perched on jewel encrusted crown on a field of sand. Their origins are obvious, Calimshan. The truth as to how they made it all the way to High Hold is the question most ask. How they transport their unique goods all the way here is rumoured to be done by magic - the lack of any caravans entering Blackbridge with goods makes the rumours likely. They are shrewd businessmen, the obvious wealth they have is making High Hold grow fast as a trading partner along the road between Damara and Narfell. What their intentions are, is unknown. The constant looks of disapproval most of them give northerners are obvious and yet they always offer a polite, if fake smile to the faces of the Narfellians.

    Deot-Kuz Valdem: Human Male. Age, 50's. Height, 5'-2". Hair, Black. Eyes, Dark Brown. Short cropped black hair with dark brown eyes - a jagged scar trails along his left jaw line, halfway between his chin and ear. Speaking mostly through translators or simply servants, Deot-Kuz brings the attitude of his homeland with him. The finest silks cover his slim build, though his bearing is of one born into riches. A look of haughty disdain as he deals with most people is obvious, though seems to lessen when dealing with any of the nobility. If he finally deems you important enough to speak to directly, his Calashite accent is thick and his words are spoken slow and deliberately, as he seems to ponder each and every word before it escapes his mouth. In clothing or in his gleaming breastplate, Deot-Kuz seems to favour the purple colour of The Caleesh Trading Emporium.

    Caravan Master - Emin Ilmaz: Human Male. Age, 40'. Height, 5'-6". Hair, Black. Eyes, Dark Brown. The caravan master that travels between Peltarch and Blackbridge. Emin offers safe rides for anyone looking to make the trip, though for increased prices compared to most caravans or boat rides. He is quick to smile, especially when he receives coin and that is when the true of his life is exposed - wealth. He speaks common well and is known to offer a few words in various other languages. His accent is light, though his heritage is obviously Calashite like many in Blackbridge.

    Uxius-Ien Ihakelis, the Silks Merchant: Human Male. Age, 40's. Height, 5'-4". Hair, Black. Eyes, Brown. A rather portly fella with a thick Calashite accent. He is constantly dabbing a kerchief to wipe sweat off his brow, despite having a stall in the open market and in the cold air of the mountains. Every movement he makes seems like such an effort, adding more and more droplets of sweat to his brow. He has a constant smell of sweat about him and when he smiles, he reveals teeth made of gold. Despite all this, he has some of the finest silks the northern lands have seen and sells them for decent prices. He is known to take custom orders and they often arrive within the month.

    Church of Siamorphe:

    A newcomer to Blackbridge and High Hold, the church of Siamorphe is an oddity in the mountains. The people here have always given prayers to more conventional deities, like Tempus, Auril, Shaundakal, to name a few. The followers of Siamorphe were brought to Blackbridge to cement Lord Sents rulership over the mountain fortress. It is well known that Maeve, not Ewan, was the one who brought the church of Siamorphe here. The High priest seems fine with the need for the Divine Right to be present as the town grows, and the construction of the Temple will mark a new age in the eyes of the church. Bringing proper rulership to a lawless mountain community.

    Marquise Scion, Peregrine Bonnerdieu of Siamorphe: Human Male. Age, 70's. Height, 5'-10". Hair, Grey. Eyes, Blue. A slim, elderly man who bears the markings of the Divine Right, the silver chalice with the golden sun on the side. A priest to Siamorphe and soon to be High Priest of the Temple when construction is done, he oversees the building of the Temple and the people of Blackbridge with a kind hand. When he speaks, it is in a voice so low as to almost not be heard unless one leans in very close to listen and it is hard to make out where he is from by accent. He has a long forked beard, and a bushy, long moustache. Often he is seen lightly twisting the moustache between his forefinger and thumb as he stares off high into the mountains, lost in thought - his glasses resting on the tip of his nose.

    Blackbridge Herald Renouart: Human Male. Age, 50's. Height, 6'-1". Hair, Grey. Eyes, Blue. The constant companion of Marquise Scion, Peregrine Bonnerdieu, Renouart is the Herald of Blackbridge and often serves as the voice to his Peregrine. Showing no outward sign of faith, most assume he also offers prayers to Siamorphe due to his constant attachment to the priest. He stays quiet on that matter and many other matters, he sticks to what facts are required, not what gossip can be confirmed or denied. He has a habit of drumming his fingers lightly against his thigh when people begin to test his patience. He seems to have much time to spend on duties other than being Herald, due to the isolation of the mountain home - that time spent mostly tending to Peregrine, getting him tea and meals or warm blankets to keep off the chill.

    Miners Guild:

    Mahka-Vue Mezuldreft, Quartermaster of the Miners Guild: Human Male. Age, 60's. Height, 5'-9". Hair, White. Eyes, Brown. Another of the Calashites, though not one of the Caleesh Emporium it seems. If anything, the two are always at odds. Though he has a thick Calashite accent, even when sturggling with the common tongue, you can tell Mahka-Vue is a well educated, intelligent man. He seems indifferent to most people, not wanting to be rude, he just seems to treat everyone the EXACT same. He is not known to have any friends though he has impressed the Miners. When the Caleesh Emporium first arrived in High Hold, they attempted to negotiate rights to all the metals under the mountains that High Hold had to offer. Quick to put to rest any threat to their livelihood, the miners got together to bring their concerns to Lord Sent. As they approached the Lord in his fortress, they were greeted by Mahka-Vue instead. His simple words to them that day 'Your lives shall be yours.' confused them at first. It was later revealed that he came to some agreement with the Lord of High Hold that had made sure the Caleesh Emporium could not have mineral rights to the wealth under Blackbridge. The exact deal made is still not known to anyone but Mahka-Vue and Lord Sent, but the minewrs are free to work their mines without interference. For that, they are grateful to Mahka-Vue and appointed him their Quartermaster. Deot-Kuz and Mahka-Vue have been rivals since that day.

    Hala the Blacksmith: Human Female. Age, 40's. Height, 6'-2". Hair, Blonde. Eyes, Deep Green. A striking blonde woman - tall, strong and with a constant look of amusement in her eyes. Her long blonde hair is always tied back and held in place with an iron headband to keep it out of the fire of her forge. She is built like any blacksmith and spends hours each day hammering out the various needs of the town and High Hold. During her down time she is seen sitting at the Dreaming Djinni when performers are in town (which is not often), listening to them play, a bright smile on her face, totally enraptured by the music. Rumours say she is in a relationship with the young Wolfram Moonstrike, the man working her ironworks store. She has never confirmed, nor denied these rumours which still gives hope to the many men of Blackbridge trying to impress one the towns most wanted bachelorettes.

    Wolfram Moonstrike: Human Male. Age, 30's. Height, 6'-4". Hair, Red. Eyes, Hazel. A middle-aged man who runs Hala's store. Strong and with a constant mischievous, bright smile on his face. Wolfram is a bit simple at times, but means well. He is said to live with Hala, some rumours claim they are a couple - Wolfram laughing that off. Other rumours claim he is her long lost son, given up for adoption due to her young age when conceiving him. Whoever he is, he seems utterly loyal to Hala and tends her shop without complaint. He is her only know apprentice and quite an accomplished blacksmith himself. He is as likely to be seen hammering away at the anvil outside Hala's shop, as he is to be talking to an insect while sitting in the common area. One thing is known for sure, everyone agrees he is a kind man who is willing to help out anyone in need.

    Tanners and Woodworkers Guild:

    Ferkas the Woodworker: Human Male. Age, 20's. Height, 6'-2". Hair, Brown. Eyes, Brown. Cheery and outgoing, Ferkas is an attractive young man and is not what you would expect in someone who lives in Blackbridge. He loves stories and often invites people to sit by his fire for hours if they have any good stories to tell. He is quick to offer food, drink and companionship to the ladies and as the rumours go, sometimes even to the men. He is local master of the woodworkers. He has a group of fifteen men and women who help him in gathering wood from the sparse areas of the mountains that offer up trees strong enough for building. When not out searching for materials to build with, Ferkas is often seen in the woodworking area tossing dice with the soldiers or entertaining one of the ladies of Blackbridge. Many a fight has been started over Ferkas attempting to woo a married woman.

    Vandryn the Leatherworker: Human Male. Age, 30's. Height, 5'-8". Hair, Dirty Blonde. Eyes, Azure. An Impilturan that little is known about. Vandryn is missing his left ear, it was taken in an attack by trolls when he was hunting the mountain trails and his hand often goes to the missing ear in times of stress. He sells what supplies a leatherworker might require but has never taken on an apprentice himself. When not working leathers himself, or hunting, he is seen sitting just inside the flap of his tent, staring into the flames of his fire. If approached, he does his best to keep the talk short, his tone curt and dismissive.

    Long Road Riders:

    The Long Road Riders are a band of men and women who travel the mountain roads and trails, mostly on horseback when able. They are self-appointed protectors of the roads in the Giantspires and fight against the Giants, Bugbears, Hobgoblins and various other hostile creatures one might encounter. They have no base of operations and can be found anywhere along the Long Road between High Hold and Damara. Of the various riders, some are known to worship Shaundakal and others Selune. There seems to be no set faiths of the group, but those who enjoy the wilds and those who worship the more free-spirited deities are generally more inclined to travel with the Long road Riders. The riders are made up of humans, elves, half-elves and even a hin is known to ride a war-dog alongside them.

    The Silver Rider: Half-Elf Female. Age, 20's. Height, 5'-7". Hair, Silver. Eyes, Silver. Known to a lesser degree by her real name, Mastine. The Silver Rider is a half-elf woman with silver hair and silver eyes. She always displays a symbol of the Moonmaiden on her equipment and is known to ride a silver feathered griffon. The Riders usually appear once a month in Blackbridge to resupply, but usually only stay one or at most, two nights. Mastine is wise, charismatic and courageous. She asks nothing in return for the services she or the Riders offer, but most towns offer up resupplies free of charge to them and no tavern from high Hold to Damara charges them to stay the night.

    Silverstar: A griffon, the mount of the Silver Rider, Mastine. This griffon is different than its kind, having silver feathers instead of the usual brownish or golden feathers covering its body. A spark of more intelligence than most griffons can be seen as you stare into this creatures eyes. Strong, sleek and able to carry its rider and more, Silverstar is a loyal companion to Mastine and the Long Road Riders.

    The Red Wizards of Thay:

    Thal'zuul the Red Wizard: Human Male. Age, 30's. Height, 6'. Hair, None. Eyes, Black. As with most Red Wizards, Thal'zuul's head is covered in various arcane tattoos. His eyes speak of cunning, intelligence and total lack of morals this man has when they focus on you. Behind his empty smile is the typical rumoured arrogance of the Red Wizards. His equipment all bear arcane markings on them and his 'store' offers many magical creations. It is known that he leads a Red Wizard envoy that is looking to create a Thayan Enclave here in Blackbridge and they are currently waiting on the Lord of High Hold to agree to the terms. Little to nothing is known about Thal'zuul and he offers nothing up when probed for information.

    Hazeera the Red Wizard: Human Female. Age, 20's. Height, 5'-1". Hair, None. Eyes, Mauve. An attractive Thayan woman in the robes of the Red Wizards, though she lacks any noticeable tattoos on her head or anywhere else that you can see. She rarely speaks, but when she does, it is in a soft voice and in total deference to Thal'zuul. She takes the coin from any potential customers and helps Thal'zuul in sorting out their merchandise. Despite her attractive appearance and the occasional smile she may give to you, her eyes hold much the same contempt, intelligence, cunning, arrogance and lack of morals that Thal'zuul's eyes hold towards any non-Thayan. The only person she can be seen having even the slightest 'friendship' with is Vareva, who she often spends time with in the corners of the tavern, talking over tea.