Notable NPC's of High Hold

  • [NPC's that are commonly known around High Hold and Blackbridge will be added here.]

  • Merchants:

    Nicolette the Herbalist: Human Female. Age, 60's. Height, 5' 6". Hair, Grey. Eyes, Dark Brown. A slightly larger woman that offers everyone the same friendly smile, never seems to get agitated and always seems willing to help out those in need. Nicolette is the local herbalist and she often leaves her spot at the market to go collect new herbs or other various ingredients for her healing drinks. She tends to go out alone into the wilderness despite people seeming worried for her and her usual response is. "I have been going out into these mountains for over fifty years, dear. No hobgoblin, bugbear, giant or bandit will ever change that."

    Fana Jevakt: Human Female. Age, 30's. Height 5' 4". Hair: Ashblonde. Eyes: Green. Fana Jevakt is a magically inclined merchant who sends adventurers off to various places in search of unique components to make various concoctions through herbalist skills and magical skill. Fana is outgoing, friendly, talkative and always looking to hire adventurers for various tasks.

    Organno: Human Male. Age, 40's. Height, 5' 9". Hair, Brown. Eyes, Brown. Of average height and with a slightly larger build than most men, Organno is a fletcher. Organno is friendly, yet a bit distant with most people. He can at times seem to open up more after a few drinks at the Dreaming Djinni and appears to be a kind man who tries to keep to himself mostly. He seems to be a native Narfellian by accent.

    Angelica: Human Female. Age, 20's. Height, 5'. Hair, Darker Red. Eyes, Mauve. Local operator of the The Black Bean Café, Angelica is a pretty woman with a set of mauve colored eyes and she seems to want to talk with everyone. Newly arrived in Blackbridge, she petitioned Lord Sent for the rights to open a Cafe and by offering him samples of her product he welcomed her into Blackbridge. So far her Kaeth drinks and her Teas and small finger foods have been a hit in Blackbridge, not to mention every young lad vying for her attention, who she quite openly flirts with though has yet to go beyond flirting at all with anyone.

    Vareva Bebrastu: Human Female. Age, 40's. Height, 5'-3". Eyes, Light Brown. Vareva speaks with a light Calashite accent, giving away her heritage. Her attitude is that of a noblewoman, accustomed to getting her way and momentarily petulant when she doesn't. Despite this flaw, she still tends to be hospitable and friendly towards the patrons of her tavern - The Dreaming Djinni.

    Helga the Cook: Human Female. Age, 70's. Height, 4'-9". Eyes, White. Helga is an old woman, slight of build and with a hunched posture. She rarely speaks, but when she does it is in heavy Calashite accent. Her eyes are a milky white and most believe her to be blind. Her sight in no way seems to affect her ability to cook as she prepares all the meals in the Dreaming Djinni and is seen in the kitchen day and night.


    Daedi of the Oak Father: Wereboar Female. Age, Unknown. Height, 7'-4". Hair, Brown with patches of black fur. Eyes, Blood Red. What one might not normally expect of a wereboar, Daedi is a follower of the Oak Father, Silvanus. She is polite and kind, always offering up her prized fruit she grows in High Hold to anyone who passes. She only asks that people share and not take it all. She is said to be a powerful druid, yet rarely does anyone see her draw on the magics she likely has at her disposal.

    Sleethas: Large Spider. Black hair covers most of this large spiders body. Each leg is over two foot long, the spider standing one and a half foot high when moving. Sleethas stays in Daedi's garden most times, lounging in his webbing and watching with his multitude of eyes at any movement near the druids garden.

    Murkil the Mad: Human Male. Age, 30's. Hair, Brown. Eyes, Brown. Pale and on the brink of starvation by the looks of him, this dirty and smelly man constantly mutters to himself. He has crude markings of the Lord of Bones, Myrkul, all over his filthy clothes in white paint. He tends to the dead of High Hold and most people stay well clear of him, due to the smell or the madness one can see in those brown eyes of his. No one knows where he comes from and even any distinct accent if hard to find in his voice.

    Coranth the Creel: Human Male (Creel Narsmen), Age, 30's. Height, 6'-8". Hair, None. Eyes, Dark Blue. Tall, strong and never without his large axe, Coranth is a typical Creel to your eyes, but the fact that he wears a uniform of 'civilization' and does not try to kill everyone in sight, makes one wonder. He arrived shortly after Navarra did, some rumours say he is her brother, others say he came here to marry her but she refuses. The tribal markings tattooed on his face show two red dragons. Each one starting on his neck as it stretches up the side of his face before both dragon faces seem to eat his eyes, as they are tattooed even on his eyelids. Coranth says little and when he does speak, he says little. When not standing guard before the bridge, he is seen at the Dreaming Djinni, sitting alone and drinking.

    Ishmail the Architect: Human Male. Age, 50's. Height, 5'-8". Hair, Stark White. Eyes, Green. Darker skinned and with stark white hair, Ishmail is one of many Calashites in Blackbridge or High Hold. Ishmail speaks in the language Alzhedo, and to those who might know, in the High Calidrian dialect. He is never heard speaking common but his sharp eyes and studious expression make you confident he may understand a lot more than what he is letting on. His stark white hair is rarely seen as he keeps his head and face clean-shaven. At the rarest of times though, after a particularly long day or two, you might spy the stubble beginning to form. Ishmail is the Architect of High Hold, personally requested by Lord Sent (Some rumours say it was Maeve who requested him though) to oversee the construction of the Temple of Siamorphe.

    Archaeologist Zenus Firgabre: Human Male. Age, 80's. Height, 5'-10". Hair, Reddish Brown. Eyes, Light Blue. Speaking in an Impilituran accent, Zenus mostly keeps to himself, his left arm constantly seeming to twitch as he draws various maps near his tent. Although he looks well into his 80's, one would not think it by the way he holds himself and his still keen mind. He is said to be in town to unearth various ancient structures in the area. His arrogance is obvious to anyone who speaks to him for more than a few moments and his pride in his appearance is out of place in the mountainous town. He is know to hire adventurers to seek out locations for him and find any remnants of ancient Narfell.