Ravos Calchais

  • Ravos Calchais.

    Background apparent to those in proximity with appropriate common heritage or lore of the lands of Tethyr or the sea of swords:-

    He carries on his person somewhere depending on his dress the symbol of the Duchy of Cape Velen.
    The city-port of Velen a well known Naval outpost of Tethyr. The symbol is a tree overlaid by an anchor and a crown hangs askew about the trunk of the tree.


    Ravos has an open faced and even tempered gaze usually, appearing thoughtful but passionate at times when he speaks of which he does frequently. He is well turned out, his armour clearly used to being maintained by himself and he keeps a well kept appearance of hair, moustache and beard. He is well muscled with the hands and arms well trained in both sword and bow since a boy, though those seeing him shoot would observe he doesn't have a great deal of natural talent with it.
    He appears in his mid thirties, and appears to age well with well kept teeth which do not reflect his martial bearing. He has the physicality and features of a typical tethyrian man with a good head of hair kept fairly long though he lacks the refinement or grace that a scout or tracker would possess.


    Ravos carries himself with an assured stance, and has a keenly observent gaze at all times, listening at least as much as he speaks, though never more so. Despite his ready down-to-Oerth attitude with traders, sailors and the everyday solider and working man his often glittering appearance can sometimes gain a level of respect which he finds hard to avoid from these folk, judging him to be a lord of repute. He doesn't speak much of his previous position within an important trading and naval family in Cape Velen, and he's all too ready to forgo heavy armour for the simple leather of an armed seaman though he is no sea captain he is used to voyages at sea in terms of seaborne armed contingents.


    Ravos is typically dressed for battle or in places of risk outside any safe sanctum in his fullplate harness of very fine design, imbued with sigils of protection for those with adequate knowledge to discern, it is matched only by his tall kite shield. He is seen in impeccable boots and prefers heavy leather gauntlets over an armoured, plated design. In recent times he's been seen with a red and gold trimmed cloak bearing the eye emblazoned gauntlet of helm though he's seen to venerate a number of different deities depending on the matter at hand.
    He's rarely or perhaps never seen mounted, for whatever reason it's not widely known, though he's seen to speak with fondness on matters of horses.
    As well as defensive equipment he carries a huge family bastard sword of exquisite craft, though subdued and simple in appearance it is jewelled at the hilt which emit a dim white and red glow when drawn. it's carried high on his hip and when drawn rests on his shoulder while expecting attack.
    He also is seen with a long handled silver warhammer clipped to a wide multiple-bucked warriors belt emblazoned with magical sigils and wards. His quiver sits beside an old bow on his back at times while some unobtrusive and subtle and clearly magical pouches sit under his shield arm. Also frquently seen with his current volume of study in a book for that purpose slung over his shoulder, and often takes the time to leaf through his current source of study should the conversaton turn to matters which do not interest him.
    In recent times, he has been seen immersed int he study of arcane tradition and law, as well as his usual military and civil law and civic texts and histories, some has said to be a book on Azuth or Savras theology.


    Class: Fighter
    Eyes: Grey
    Hair: Black, Medium Length
    Age: 30~
    Height: 6 Foot 2"
    Build: Medium
    Languages: Common..... Tethyrian with a mix of Cormyrian Accent
    Race: Human

    Status: Active.