Snydders Mayhem

  • Trying to pick up from where we left off with the following PCs:

    • Ros
    • Salin V
    • Sabel
    • Aryanna
    • Verika

    I'm looking for a Tuesday night event slot with a 9pm US Eastern start time. I realize that time zones are a thing. What availability does each of you have?

    Also note that this group size is PERFECT, in my opinion, for these events... so I will try to keep this list as it is. Combat will be extremely infrequent if present at all.

  • Also no formal event tonight but I DO HAVE A PLOT WRITTEN DARN IT.

  • @Fadia @RedMenace @Hekatoncheires @MCPlay (also @Tpickles )

    No formal eventage tonight. Work ran later than normal and I don't think I can adequately convert my murder mystery notes to a group setting in the remaining time (it's always easier to do a murder mystery for ONE person as opposed to five).

    Hopefully we can be back on track for next week.

  • Sabel says yes, and she will let Aryanna's person know.
    I happened to see this and I do not think they are checking the server.

  • I don't see any reason that wouldn't work for me

  • I should be able to make that no problem.