The Passing of King George I

  • Narfell DM

    The sun begins to peek over the horizon, a fog settling in on the Icelace and the city itself with a crisp, cool, and damp air like any typical Peltarchian morning. The sky lights up a soft purple color before Lathander calls forth the full light of a new day. A sudden commotion stirs at City Hall for those close to notice. Clerks and messengers are seen coming and going with increased frequency and with a certain haste in their steps. The presence of Defender Marines and a small compliment of Guards draws in more attention as a large group of curious citizens begin to gather outside.

    A quietness settles in over the Commerce District, only hushed and whispered conversations as people wait, the sombre air outside City Hall is infectious. The people know something is wrong, the Defenders and Guards wear hard looks on their faces as they man their posts.

    The sudden long tolling of the bells give way to the news, criers begin to slowly move out from City Hall and make their way to the various Districts and it does not take long for the word to spread. King George Fisher I of Peltarch has passed, Long Live King Thalaman Fisher - his brother Damien Fisher being named Regent for the young King until he is old enough to rule. It is said the King passed quietly and peacefully, surrounded by his loving family and friends.

    Offerings are brought to City Hall and left at the doors, offerings to a kind and wise King, offerings to the man who helped bring about the new era of Peltarch. The city mourns for the loss of their King, a sorrowful feeling hanging heavy over the whole of Peltarch, but as the days go by an acceptance comes with all the sadness and loss and the city slowly begins its long journey back to being what the King wished it to be, the Jewel of the north.

  • Narfell DM

    Following the death of his brother, Regent Damian Fisher has appointed Isaac Thaddeus, a priest of Siamorphe, as the new Herald. The Regent has since announced a "Day of Mourning" for the King in the day following the monarch's passing, which is to be free of labour and work except for those still wishing to conduct business. No labourer is to be punished for refusing to work on the day of mourning. Any employers who take reprisals against labourers who take the holiday will suffer penalties.

    Other than this, the Regent has been even more quiet and reclusive than usual.

    [DM Xanatos Gambit]

  • Shesarai, wearing her black clerical gown and hood, walks silently through City Hall and ascends the stairs to the King's Audience Chamber. There she nods briefly to the assembled generals and King's Guard before approaching the Regent Herald Fisher and Queen Martha. Whispering she offers her condolences and then wordlessly exits the way she came in. She is later seen in the Mermaid, still wearing her black clerical robes. She heard telling someone that she doesn't feel like going out scouting this night, but will stay in town.


  • A few hours later, tired looking Thom Tiller heads to the Southern Fields. Members of the Onion Union start packing a caravan, and the hastily put together caravan starts heading south with Defender guards.