Rika speaks with the Herald

  • Rika approaches the Herald of Norwick, and asks permission to acquire a small 20x20 plot of land on which to build a shrine to Uthgar.

    “This will be a simple, illuminated stone pillar, with the symbols of all the Nars and Uthgardt tribes upon it’s length. Those who wish to honor him and the old ways may pray to Uthgar there. I will pay for the land and construction using a stone mason from the village.”

    (ooc – Rika has been a citizen of Norwick for a short time. If she receives permission, I will need costs for the land and a simple pillar, illuminated by braziers)

  • :: It was noticed rcently that Rika did pay herself for the Heralds cost of a new Druid in the region who expressed a desire to join the citizenry of Norwick, the female hin ("Velia Rowenscreek") seems to be an asset to the town indeed, seen in the company of a man of Peltarch as well as Rika herself on her travels in the Nars. ::

  • Rika looks disappointed, but nods in acknowledgement and leaves

  • DM

    Herald´s index finger stops in one of the pages

    Ah yes, yes. Rika. Hmm, now I remember...

    D'Cameron raises her sight fixing it in Rika, whether with a stern countenance or an indifferent look, she says afterwards:

    While I admire your drive we are not barbarians of Uthgar, your old ways are not ours. Further more Norwicks expansion requires us to think very carefully about our land and who we market it to. We are in the midst of what is hopefully a soon to be trading boom. That means keeping an eye on how outsiders perceive us and offering supply for demand, I am sure you understand.

  • As she flips through the pages, Rika speaks up.

    "My name is Rika. You put my name in that book last week, so it should be at the end maybe?"

  • Rika waits patiently while the Herald looks through the book with all the strange symbols.

    (she does have Norwick citizenship papers)

  • DM

    Herald raises her sight as she was deep focused in some paperwork. She suddenly says:

    Excuse me... Who are you?

    Peering at Rika's face for a brief moment, she then starts flipping the pages of a large tome containing all the citizen's entries.