Dwarven Drinking Contest

  • The smell of dark bitter beer fills the bluff as the latest batch of brews are casked, bottled, and stacked behind Disin and Desin’s bar. With so much ale being produced recently it was only a matter of time...

    All dwarves are invited to participate in the highly respectable competitions of wrestling, axe throwing, and ale drinking. Will the reigning champions defend their titles? Who will prove themselves superior? Who will take the glory and prizes?

    //Sunday - May 3rd, 11am EST

  • The ale flowed and the competition was fierce!
    After much straining and many failed attempts by all, it was Korak that proved his strength above the others and lifted the great anvil above his head. Korak Anvil-Heaver is the new Anvil Lifting Champion of Aura Runedar!

    After a dozen ales and twice as many dart throws from each contestant, the crude paintings of the white dragon on the archery targets were barely visible under the barrage of darts, though it was the Brewmaster Labur Strin that faired best and took the glory and prize.

    Then Legan fought many dwarves to defend his wrestling championship until the final round when the Brewmaster Labur shocked the contestants by pulling a close win to claim the title and glory of Aura Runedar’s Wrestling Champion and the belt to prove it!

    Once thirty mugs of ale were lined up before each dwarf, the real contest began. Brumir was out before the first ten mugs were emptied, his egg addiction turning his tolerance for alcohol to that of an elf, followed by Legan and Korak. Soon it came down between Alaghor Thorin and Brewmaster Labur. Ale was chugged and mugs were slammed until even the Brewmaster himself fell drunken before the swaying Clan Warden and new Drinking Champion of Aura Runedar, Thorin Goldenaxe! May his trophy mug toast many victories to come!