A request for mercenaries

  • A rumour spreads around the Nars that a women, hooded and slight is looking for mercenaries. She tells that a expedition to some ancient ruins is to take place and that she seeks assistance in recovering something from said ruins! The pay is said to be 500 coin per head. The women gives her name as Inza . Those interested are to meet at the Crossroads in the pass

    ((To take place tomorrow at 10:00 am BST. That's 16 and a half hours from now))

  • Scott will try to be there.

    //6am my time.

  • Inza let's it be known she seeks mercenaries again to assist her. What it's for the theifling keeps quiet about but rumor has it she will pay 1000 coin per head

    //To go ahead Tuesday 1200 GMT

  • Nadia will be there.

  • 3am my time. i'll try to be up