Build 905R6

  • Narfell Developer

    Howdy y'all, Build 905R6 has hit and we've got some fun stuff to share with you all:

    Druid's retain learned shapes

    Druid's, after level 5, gain the "Wildshape Tool" which allows them to keep track of their known forms and assign forms to their 5 vanilla slots (bear, panther, wolf, boar and badger). Druid's currently over level 5 will get the tool on login. You will automatically learn dire forms once you reach level 12. The tool has its own conversation to guide you through how to operate it. The wiki will be updated to reflect how this works as well.

    The wildshape feats used from the radial menu or quickslots behave the same. You can refer to wiki for how that works.

    Soon to have: True resurrection

    Thanks to the efforts of the DMs and Dora to implement, true resurrection will be coming to Narfell. We are battling with one nasty bug. More to come once we get a stable release of this out.

    Bug Fixes

    • No more double transition issues that occasionally jump characters across maps
    • No more language setup messages on login
    • Hold person doesn't announce the racial type constant of the target

  • Narfell Developer

    We've also done an in-place update adding Blackguard and Assassin spell books courtesy of @Dermin_Lantaional and @metagod!

    More info can be found here.