Goblin Raid

  • Early in the morning sounds of explosions and screams are heard from the west end of Norwick.
    Goblins had picked their way through the rawlinswoods from the misty pond and breached the security of the town.
    Where normally the proximity of the Druid Glenn keeps the goblins in these areas passified, lately the absense of druids has led to the goblins becoming more daring.
    Today they were able to access the towns lesser defended west side and managed to subdue a couple guards before they were turned back.
    Guardsmen Zacho ally Simon forced their way through the dense trees to find the source of the goblins and were ambushed coming out the other side. A small squad of guards that had followed were able to assist and turn the tides but not before two of them fell to the sheer number of goblins.

  • Brumir joins Thorin in heading out south from the Union Hall. He can be heard speaking to others nearby.

    "It were nay me! Ah were in the Union Hall tha whole time! Ye lot leave Disin alone!"

  • Sabrink was taking a nap in his small second story apartment when the explosions went off. He quickly grabs his staff and heads towards the Grapevine Inn and then out into the Rawlins to assist in any way he can.

  • Word reach his ears while he sharpens a newly crafted weapon inside the Union's Hall. His gaze darkens upon hearing the news. He places the weapon among the rest and starts assembling his heavy armour. Shortly after, Thorin makes his way out of the hall and heads to the Rawlinswood to hunt down goblins.

  • A note addressed to the Norwick Scouts arrives:

    Shesarai Foutopolis, a Peltarch Cerulean who years ago lived in Norwick and often helped the Norwick Scouts sends greetings. "I heard about the goblin raid and saw the Norwick Militia deployed in numbers in and around North Gate. I headed into the Western Woods and scouted the whole territory as far south as the Misty Pond. I found only Shinbiter goblins, and not in great numbers. The Druid Sanctuary also appeared normal. Whatever band led the raid on Norwick has either been taken care of, or retreated deeper into the Rawlingswood."