A thank you to all

  • Just want to show my appreciation to all of you at this sever.

    I came in here with no expectations and I thought I was good at roleplaying. I have been served by epic levels of RP. The characters and DM's have shown me how little I know.

    I am happy to experiance this and I look forward to evolving my character in the mists of your skills.

    Thank you, all players of Narfell.

  • In return, I’d like to thank you for giving our server a try and sticking around. Role playing means different things to different people, and not everyone is on board for a full RP server when they land here.

    The DM team and players are very open to helping you tell and advance the story of your character. Often times, that leads to largely unexpected directions in plot and character development, and that’s a good thing. For me, Narfell is like a book where you’ve only written one part. Other players are writing theirs, and there’s editors and publishers helping with the mechanics and direction.

    Also, don’t sell yourself short. The two characters I’ve seen you play you’ve played very well.

    If you’re interested in the stories of other characters, a few of us have embarked in journals and stories in the Tales by the Fire section in the forums. Historical Backgrounds also serves as a place, and the DMs will award XP once for thought out piece.

    See you in game!