DM Loot Item Properties List

  • Hello Narfellers:

    After long talks and discussions, the DM team has agreed to make the list of item properties with point values public.

    The file contains a vast compilation of properties you can find in the NWN toolset orginized by chapters with every point value ​​that the DMs have worked with, for over a year now, to generate custom loot.

    It should be noted that this list is applicable only for DMs loot, and the equivalences with our enchanting system may differ or vary. The enchanting rules can still be found in the specific forum which we mantain up to date.

    The purpose of making this list public is, firstly, for the sake of transparency; secondly, for the players to alleviate their concerns regarding the value of the items they might own and would need to replace/adjust to our newest 20 pts cap rule.

    Please, raise your concerns and clear your doubts through the proper avenues (PGs/PLs and DMs are always free and happy to help you out with any).

    The list is presented in PDF format with an index and full working links to navigate through all the information of the spreadsheet. Please feel free to download, read it.

    Link to the PDF:

    Disclaimer: values presented in this list might be subject to change at DM Team discretion. Any further change to the list shall be notified then updated in this thread prior to any rule enforcement.