Natha Lhie

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    ((Work in progress. Will update as things come along. Trying to only keep IC information here of what is known by several, might be talked about or is gained by just looking at the character. Format taken from another post))

    Natha Lhie

    Titles: Unknown.

    Home: Has been heard speaking of a province in Shou, far to the east. As long as she can remember, she has been living and raised in a palace along with her many, many, sisters. Currently residing in northern Peltarch.

    Lore Specialization: Natha seems to be curious about many things. From the lay of the land to the wonders of the arcane. She has shown an interest in ruins of old. Has been seen running and exercising in the Ashald Park.

    Presence: Appears very shy and avoiding. She rarely shows more facial expressions than a slight smile. While her face is not made of stone, she is appearing to be pan faced. Regardless, Natha has met several people that she speaks of in warm tones. Often uses various powders and salves to color and shade her face. She moves with somewhat gracefull and fluid motions, resembling a dance. When among others, Natha sometimes seem to blend into the background or crowd. She is not hiding, however she simply do not draw attention to herself, observing in silence or softly speaking.

    Height: 5ft 3. / 1,61m

    Weight: Unknown but judging from her body build, not heavy.

    Age: Unknown.

    Skin Tone: Light beige.

    Eyes: Dark brown eyes encircled by the characteristic and exotic almond shape of the far east.

    Hair: Very dark brown, almost black. Natha is often seen with very intricate hairstyles. One can assume she has long hair. She often adorns her hair with various accessories and hairpins. These accessories are depicting flowers, leaves or small animals. She seems to favor a hairpin depicting a fox in flight over a large, strange looking, flower.

    Voice: Unknown. Currently only able to speak very softly. Her voice does not carry far. For those who have heard her speak, her voice is melodious.

    Commonly spoken languages: Common. However, she seems to struggle with grammar and sometimes words, she often pauses mid-sentence to figure out which words to use to continue. Her choice of words is often, but not always, the type you would hear at a dinner for nobles. She also speaks with accent of her origins, accenting the words in a sometimes strange way.
    She has been heard to speak Shou, with the accent of her home province.

    Equipment Worn: Is often seen wearing a green cloak. Recently seen wearing a leather armor. While it wears the hallmarks of Narfellian leatherwork, it has been styled in a far east cut and fashion. Currently she seems to not have brought much from wherever she came.

    Equipment Carried: She is often seen reading or writing symbols in her journal. She wears a short sword on her back. When venturing outside the city she keeps her short bow close.

    Left-Handed or Right-Handed: Right-handed.

    Jewelry or Decorations: Apart from her various hairpins, not much currently.

    Relatives: Natha has been heard speaking of her many sisters left behind.

    Body Build: Lithe and somewhat athletic. Natha clearly cares for her body.

    Combat style: Unknown.

    Attributes: (current)
    STR 10: Nathas exercise routine involves mostly steps to keep her muscels lean and limber, not increase their mass. She is nor weaker, nor stronger than average.
    DEX 18: Her past seems to have involved the need for limber, flexible and acrobatic ability.
    CON 12: For all her small stature and delicate look, Natha is not as frail as one might think at first glance. That said, she does not put herself nedlessly in harms way.
    WIS 12: Even though Natha seemingly know little about the lands, culture and doings of Narfell, thoose that really look into her eyes see a wisdom gained through experiance.
    INT 14: Natha has a great interest in things of old aswell as books. She can be seen studying their contents as soon as she has a chance to do so. She seems to comprehend notions rather quickly, in theory, at least.
    CHA 12: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Natha cares about her looks and, with her powders and salves, she has a style that she is comfortable and content with.
    Perform: 10
    Tumble: 18
    she dances very well, with much expression and feeling. She makes astounding acrobatic movse, and shows great skill

    alt textNatha frowns slightly and has a somewhat thoughtfull expression