Let it be known Far and Wide, the cursed dwarves in hiding near Jiyyd have been Liberated!

  • The dwarves cheer, celebrate and seem joyous knowing that their kin have been freed from the demon's curse. They had been in hiding for many years, under the demons of Orcus' curse, sheltering themselves in a cave they dug out to try to protect themselves since the fall of Jiyyd during the N'Jast armies attack. For 100 years their bodies weak and atrophied had been possessed by a demonic presence that waited for the return of Orcus' armies.

    A brave group of dwarves from the dwarven council, as well as a dwarven new comer to the region, and (THREE) great humans, a priestess of the wind and a monk who made his home in Norwick sought to try and do something to help them. It was reported that while the dwarves were more than 100 strong, unfortunately some had fallen in the process, causing resistance to the adventurers who did their best to show them mercy. Thankfully fourty of them had been freed; returned to sunlight now again with their own free wills again intact.

    A powerful demon had possessed the priestess that betrayed them and led them to turmoil, possessed by a powerful balor that had served Orcus. With the efforts of the clerics of Moradin's council as well as the priestess of the wind, they severed spirit from body, before the priestess who caused the betrayal in the first place was granted liberation from life, a dwarf of the Luckmaiden releasing her from the mortal coil to be judged in the afterlife for her crimes.

    Despite the celebrations though, there is much confusion, difficulty, and apprehension ahead, as the dwarves now more than ever need to band together and help support their bretheren. Donations of food and clothing all being taken and appreciated by kin and those who would help the dwarven people through these tough times.

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  • Ylva snorts and bumps Master Z with her hip.

    "Yer a dwarf to me"

  • Hmmm, I coulda sworn there was a third human out there. Who was it, again?
    Shrugs and takes a gulp of ale
    Oh well, at least someone brought some mighty fine ale for everyone. Wait, who brought the ale, again??
    Shrugs and takes another gulp

  • Korak, a frequent patron of many bars including Disin's, throws insults around at the rescued dwarves and ends up in a brawl with several of the newcomers. After a good fight that leaves him battered and bruised, they are all seen drinking together and singing rowdy new songs lead by Korak.

  • Brumir can be seen at Disin and Desin's bar on the Bluff treating the rescued dwarves to the finest eggs ever made.

  • After the ales Z provided are gone, Labur rolls up a fresh keg and introduces himself to the rescuees. The talk is light and jovial, as if there are no more threats to the realm.

  • The dwarven rescuees settle on the bluffs and volunteer their labour to help rebuild the dwarven fortress, currently in ruins.

    [DM Xanatos Gambit]

    [OOC: Could any developers change the monsters beneath the Temple of Helm in Jiyyd, from dwarves to either the usual underground monsters (e.g. formians) or to demons?]

  • Willow flits in and out of the camp over the coming weeks, tending to the forty with a variety of strange-smelling herbal poultices, ointments, tinctures and teas. The easy-breezy priestess is surprisingly strict in her task, allowing no one to wriggle out of treatment - though despite the sometimes pungent smell, her concoctions seem quite efficient.