War Machine!

  • An old, but seemingly solid and well functioning construct has been spotted in the Nars pass on several occasions. It appears to be running on centuries old orders from the Eastlander days and despite several skirmishes with adventurers, repaired itself repeatedly. However, due to its lack of updated geographical data, the mighty machine has reportedly plummetted into the depths of the popularily called "Sam's Hole". Whether or not that will stop it for long remains to be seen.

  • The machine is easily retrieved, though it remains inert for the time being. It appears nigh on impervious to attempts to open it up, or even so much as dent it, seeming for all practical purposes a solid metal statue. If some of the dwarves examining it had not seen it move with their own eyes, they would not have believed it physically possible. Occasionally in the night when the thing is not under direct examination, some of the guards report sparks or verrrry low pitched humming whirrs coming from the thing, though closer examination invariably results in it being found to be as silent and still as when it was pulled from the waters.

  • Quite a scene plays out in-front of Ihar Burakin. Dwarfs are seen running from the war machine to tables set up around the construct. These tables are filled with books, half finished inventions, and all kinds of bits and scraps of metal. Work seems to go around the clock with the frequent ale break. The mood is positive as they are determined to have the machine reprogrammed and up and running.

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  • *As the war machine is being retrieved, Brumir approaches Thorin and speaks quietly with him in Dwarven tongue. *

  • Thorin watches contently as the war machine has been retrieved and being examined. He orders the ballista to turn towards the southern perimeter and himself keeps watch while holding his flask and enjoys some ale.

  • Dawn rises outside Ihar Burakin and two lines of dwarfs are seen standing next to two long ropes. These ropes extend over the top of the keep through two ballistas and down into Sam's Hole. A order is yelled out and both columns of dwarfs pick up the ropes and pull backwards.

    Shouts quickly erupt between the two columns.
    "Oi yas lads, didn't know we were pullen' against a bunch o longleggers. "
    "First team ta pullin da machine up, gets free ale!"
    "Where bein Gralin's mum when we needin her"

    Both teams slowly move backwards and the large metal construct is seen slowly dragged up the cliffs one rope under each arm. After a few most shouts and a lot of grunting the machine is heaved unto the ground. Sabrink and a few other runecasters and loremasters grin with excitement as they start to study and tinker with their new project."

  • Sabrink has a dwarf lowered on a rope from the top of Ihar Burakin using one of the bastilla's as a pulley to inspect the damage to the war machine. He hopes this is a blessing from Brightmantle and that the construct can be reprogrammed for the greater good of dwarf kind!