The Five and the ODS

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    The five paladins who make up the group called, well, the Five, arrive at the Order of the Divine Shield's headquarters to discuss supplies.

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  • Seeing Linus and Shannon Warziver would smile and introduce his company to the present ODS members. "Ah Shannon good to see you again, as I said these are the four I wished to bring and hopefully get some of the ODS's storage equipment for. This is One he is a paladin of Tyr, following is Two a Paladin of Helm, following him is Three a Paladin of Torm, and finally this is Four a Paladin of Kelemvor. I am Five within this group of Paladin and I am of Arvoreen as some of the gathered know you wished to speak with them Sir Shannon and this seems as good a place as any if we could find a place to sit and speak at length?"

  • Narfell DM

    Priest Shannon D'Arneau offers a meeting - if High Priest Galin has not already done so.

  • Narfell DM

    Linus approaches and offers his assistance, though limited it may be.

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  • Arriving at the Temple of the Triad Warziver would bring the four other Paladins with him to the high priest with a warm smile and a bow of his head "Greetings Sir Galin it has been some time since I've seen you I hope the morning finds you well. I hate to interrupt but I am looking for Shannon as well as any other Order members who would be looking to speak and assist The Five." Warziver would chuckle lightly admittedly not to familiar with the inner working of the Peltarch Temple having been so few times to it.