Build 905R5

  • Narfell Developer

    Updating to the latest NWNEE Build

    We've updated to the latest build of Neverwinter Nights:EE and with that opens the doorway to custom spellcasting classes, potential UI improvements and many other fixes. Stay tuned for what we'll be building off of this!

    Subrace Name Generator

    Thanks to the new beamdog updates, we're now able to have random name generation for subraces at character creation. Generating a name for a subrace will generate names similar to the race they stem from. For example, gold dwarves will get dwarven names.

    Other Tweaks

    • Smoke emote no longer says that you're smoking from a pipe. Smoke from whatever you tell people you're smoking from!
    • Better "Magic" items
    • Other small balance tweaks and bug fixes