• I am Rika, daughter if Petr and Sif. I was born some 20 years ago along the Spine of the World amongst the tribes of the Great Worm. We are Uthgardt warriors, men and women all, sworn to fight evil as the Great Worm directs us. Though some pray to Tempus, and a few Chauntea, most pray to Uthgar and receive strength from his blessings.

    It said when I was four, that I vanished for three nights. My little footprints had left the village and disappeared near the sacred caverns. Taken by wolves some said, or perhaps even the Great Worm himself.

    I was found wandering the woods late the third day chasing a frog. It was obvious I had been fed and cared for. Some suspected faeries. When asked, I just shrugged. To this day I remember none of it. Yet on my menarche when I became woman, I was given a ring said to have been on a chord around my neck when they found me lost in the woods. Spirits, faeries, giants or the great worm itself … it matters not. For the ring bears the sigil of my tribe, and I shall wear it always.

    My brother Magnus, the light of my father’s eye was not so lucky. He died bravely, aiding the dwarves of the Mithril Hall on his great quest to be favored amongst Uthgar’s champions. When the dwarves trade with us each summer, they often regale tales of his bravery. He, Jergen Ironjade, and Graul Tallbeard stood side by side facing the onslaught of orc and giant, all three falling to buy time for reinforcements. I pray to Uthgar that his spirit resides in the Hall of Heroes where he belongs. There are moments I imagine I still hear his laughter after these many years.

    It was but one year ago that I was summoned. A messenger arrived in our village bearing a note from Maya the Undying, Champion of Tempus. I was to make the journey along The Spine to the Great North. There it was told this she had united many of the Northern Tribes and had gathered a great army to conquer the remaining north. To be summoned by name was an honor I could not refuse. My father and his brother Haglund made the journey with me. It took near six months and is a tale unto itself.

    When I arrived, I was bewildered. Never had I seen so many people in one place! I was brought before her in the great hall. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Legends and stories often have imagination weaved into them, growing larger with the telling.

    She was tall, taller than many of the men. She wore heavy armor and furs, and on top of her head were braids of oddly yellow hair. It was her eyes though that took my breath away. Although she appeared no older than I, her eyes betrayed a spirit impossibly old. She leaned down, her face close to mine, and I dared not look away.

    She said she had visions of me, and that I must heed them. There, in the land south of the Icelace called Narfell was a shrine that she had built. I was tasked to guard it, honor it and offer my prayers. Tempus was growing angry she said, that it was so neglected. She told me that it was in this land they she had been chosen, and if the fates and Uthgar willed it that I would find my destiny there.

    Along with this quest she gave me gifts, and several small tasks that were important to her. They are odd, sometimes laughable, but they are important to her and I will honor them.

    So now I find myself taking a ship out of Hoarsgate to a small city called “Peltarch”. It is on the southern shore of the Icelace. There I hope I will find riches and glory. If not, then I pray I meet my brother in the Hall of Heroes. It would be good to see him again.

  • Reward given, locked.