Undead trouble in Narfell

  • Rumors have it that the paladin Varya Tiller had been expressing frustration some matters involving Verika.

    The name of an undead named Lacaine the undying can be heard being uttered with venom, along with the Inventor and Claire, a capable archer. The three of them seem to be working together on something, slaying those who would get in their way. From what she recollects fighting the first two, they seem nigh unkillable.

    So far, the group managed to infect Verika with some sort of parasite supposedly, causing her distress, along with killing two individuals looking to end them, one named Artemis, a druid of nobanion and another named Henry, a Paladin who divulged further information about the situation, information for now Varya chooses not to make public.

    From the sounds of it, the group's name is the Broken Hand, and they had delivered a reminder to the Paladin, henry's broken sword to send a message to anyone who might try to get in their way.