A Party in Oscura

  • Rumors abound as a new figure in Oscura has promised to host a colorful party, ostensibly to show off his wealth and network, but some rumors state that there may be more to his party. It is split into two sections, the public section in which everyone is free to take part in the large amounts of eating, drinking, cheering and more drinking and an apparent private section, invitation only, which is rumored to involve some of the noble families.

    (What times are people usually available that want to take part in this? I haven't set a day yet, but I'd like to know the time frame of interested parties)

  • Dev

    ((I'd love to use an old oscura toon or roll a new one for this, I can be on pacific time weekdays or weekend afternoon))

  • Liriana, Inquisitor of Oscura and Banite asks around the West Gate and the Shiney Coppers for any I formation about the host of this party with interest.

    ((My play times are sporadic at best but if a weekday shall do what I can!))

  • David makes enquiries regarding the VIP section via his contacts in the trading establishments and supply channels he has.

    (Sydney AU evenings and weekends)

  • Frances should be there ... i have time during CET afternoons/evenings.

  • I am interested, as long as i have a day in advance i will try and be there on Sam, he shall bring the personality.