Tavern Rumors?

  • Are the last two scenes with tavern rumors of Peltarch played out in game or only board rp at this time?

  • Ok, Gave it a bit of thought and will delete the post. Didn't happen since it was a game event, and, Yes its too hard to figure out what would happen in an in game event when you're not there first hand. Ok then all is cool. And my apologies to the dms.

  • I would say in general I'd suggest acting as your character would and letting the DMs react as NPCs, rather than control them.

  • In the case of warehouse 8, perhaps my choice of the present tense was confusing - the event itself played out in game two nights ago. I wrote it in that manner to describe the scene and what could most easily be observed to those drawn by the noise, opting to avoid adding too much detail or any speculation. That it happened would easily be known by next to everyone in town, though what the NPCs make of it is a matter best left in the hands of the DM.

  • Thank you Flom. So I may write on it then. Lauriella came back into town just before this seems to have happened but will not get home until tomorrow night. I can add something significant to her story then.

  • If I understand the question correctly, the answer is a little bit of both.

    The tavern rumors are usually events that transpired in the past, from either players or DMs.

    Players or DMs can react on the board or IG.