A Shipment Arrives

  • In recent times, Norwick's successful sales to both adventurers and non adventurers alike has led to a stable, fruitful economy.

    Few of the adventurers who go on to buy some of the best priced potions in the Chauntea temple or sell at the best price what they have found in their adventures, either in the General Store or in the Adventurer's Mart, they would notice that a shipment, full of sea fruit, bovines, poultry, and wheat has arrived, first to the temple of Chauntea, secondly, to the Food Storage of Norwick's Hall. When curious adventurers approach to Captain Sticks, he's quickly to dismiss that the food resources come from either Peltarch or the High Hold. "I was only paid to deliver and not ask questions, nay give any details, a'hoy! And that's what I, ahoy, I'm doin' roite now! Ahoy!".

  • Unen is seen wandering around trying to see if there are any beet seeds that might have come in on the shipment. Folks around town have confirmed that there are indeed...no Beet seeds.