Build 905R3

  • Dev

    Map Changes

    Modifications in the (Old) Dwarven Hold are nearly done (PS chests are still accessible in the legacy interior map for now).


    • New creature appearances (special thanks to @Hekatoncheires for putting together most of them).
    • New AI for certain mobs.
    • Tweaked snake-like humanoids to reflect more the PnP version. This included a soft revamp of the place they usually skulk around--go out side and experience them out!


    • More Persistent Loot Chests around some dungeons were added.
    • Some empty containers around the world may actually have "something" inside now.
    • Tweaked the orcish spawn numbers of couple of well known maps to be not an overkill place.
    • Rumor has it a Cult of Gruumsh has taken over a not-always-empty orcish cavern (recommended level range 4-6).


    Mysterious magic items have entered the land of Narfell, seek yours today in the chests protected by your most powerful foes!

    Bug Fixes

    • Potential fix for missing PS items (will have to monitor in game)
    • Exploit with subraces fixed
    • DM talk distance while unappeared restored to normal distance
    • DM now, yet again, receive feedback for gifting XP tokens

    **The Party Level is a recommendation in order to take advantage of the experience poins and level progression. This is by no means a restriction to adventure. On the contrary, go out and find out what is this about!