To visit a the giant rainbow!

  • Peltarch Employee

    *Rumors go about Nadia seems to be entering the tree at the gypsy camp, writing things down now and then as she seems to talk about seeing the end of a giant rainbow.

    There have been certain people invited to the trip, all having been advised to carry at least one potion of polymorph as well as to buy a couple of fairy stones to ward their minds when they make it to the fey lands.

    Their objective? To see a giant rainbow! Who knew!*

    (Player event time will be 10 AM Saturday Atlantic Time, People will have to speak with Nadia first before coming at some point before the event to join, as she had only invited certain people so far. Any possible schedule changes will be made in this thread.)

  • (( hopefully can join with Anheim. 🙂 ))