Caravan to the Dwarven Hold

  • The first large shipment is sent to the Dwarven Hold at the end of the harvesting season. The shipment contains some glassware and pottery (20,000gp worth), however majority of the produce is barley, wheat and hops. There's about 50,000lbs of flour, and 1000lbs of hops (80,000gp worth). The caravan is protected by well-equipped Peltarchian Defenders to ward of any attackers. It would seem that the mage tower next to the dwarven hold has promised free munitions for the defenders, and they set up camp next to it while the cargo is being unloaded. This is likely to take anywhere from five to ten days in total, after which the caravan and its guards will return back to Peltarch.

  • Korak stomps south down the Nars Pass in his heavy steel armor muttering and swearing oaths as he passes the caravans from Peltarch. When he notices the ale keg outside the tower he grins nastily and strides towards it ignoring any Defenders around.

    “O’ gud. Oi was needin’ o’ refill. It’s no grudge settler but free ale is o’ start!”

    He helps himself to the keg and fills his mug to the brim, then raises it towards the tower before chugging it where he stands.

  • Shiney steps forward next to Brumir and pats his shoulder.

    “Now, now, Sonnlinor. Don’t got yer beard in a wad. We don’t want teh undermine any orders o’ Peltarch’s soldiers. We just want what’s owed teh us...”

    The stone gate opens and a few dwarven soldiers come out followed by Shiney who nods graciously as she approaches the Defender’s ranking officer.

    “Faenor Shiney Beourndottir o’ clan Goldenaxe, at yer service. Please understand, this wizard is o’ simple criminal guilty o’ destroying the gate that protect our kin. We gave her opportunity teh right her wrong with o’ gold debt to cover the costs o’ the gate. She’s chosen teh ignore us, but we’ll wait fer yer men to head back North before justice is served. Should ye require any munitions that the wizard can nay provide, we’d be honored teh host ye an yer soldiers. We thank ye fer the timely delivery o’ our goods an be expectin’ the next shipment this time next year.”

    Shiney nods once more to those gathered before turning and following the dwarves back into the fort.

  • Brumir simply grunts at the response

    "Guess yer higher-ups nay mind bein' hoodwinked an' used by a witch then."

    He then heads back towards Ihar Burakin.

  • The defender's ranking officer responds:

    "We received orders to protect the caravan, and my superior told me the wizard offers us munitions. If you have a problem with that, take it up with the higher ups in Peltarch. I have received my orders and plan to fulfill them."

  • Vick watches the exchange and shakes his head Walks away muttering as the items are unloaded and moved into the dwarve's possession. "They have moved form ignorant to fools it seems....

  • Noticing the Peltarch Defenders setting up camp near the mage tower, Brumir furrows his brow and finds their ranking officer.

    "Does yer King take back his word? Er are tha lot o ye simply on yer 'free time?' Yer King vowed that Peltarch would nay ever form an alliance er association wit tha white dragon. Yet here ye are takin' aid frum one o its allies. Not only that, but she has also committed hostile actions against us an' still owes us fer damaged gates on tha Bluff. Ye be disrespectin' us by acceptin' takin' her aid while followin' through on yer King's agreement wit tha Council. An' yer also mostly likely bein' used fer her ta hide behind however long ye'll be here."

    "Me Clan Warden thought highly o yer King after their meetin' an' agreement. Would be a shame ta see another grudge formed because ye were foolish enough ta be used by this witch."